The Netherlands: Food By Agi Abby Sallah

The Netherlands Food

Bitter Ballen: Bitter Ballen are delicious deep fried crispy meatballs originally served with mustard for dipping. They are the ultimate for Dutch pub snacks.


Stroop Wafel: If you try one Dutch sweet treat make it Stroop Wafel. Two thin waffles with a little bit of syrup in between. This snack is best enjoyed gooey and hot from street market or bakery.

Ontbijtkoek; This delicious ginger cake comes in loaves and is stodgy enough to ensure that one slice is enough. The name literally translates into breakfast cake. If you want to you can spread some extra butter on it for yumminess.

Poffetrjus; These light fluffy clouds of bakery goodness are served up at restaurant and pancake houses. But nothing can beat a big buttery bag of hot poffetrjus from a street market.

Thank you for watching my presentation.


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