Mali - A West African Empire Unit Plan - EDUC 322-001

Here is a compilation of 16 lessons for the early nation of Mali for a 3rd grade classroom. Enjoy exploring with us!

Virginia SOL 3.2: The student will study the early West African empire of Mali by describing its oral tradition (storytelling), government (kings), and economic development (trade).

The following 3 lessons are on Oral Tradition (storytelling)

Lesson 1 - Part A
Lesson 1 - Part B
Lesson 1 - Part C
Lesson 2 - Part A
Lesson 2 - Part B

The following 3 lessons are on Mali's Government (king's)

Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3

The following 3 lessons are on Geography

The first lesson plan helps the students identify the continents and the location of the ancient Mali empire.
Lesson 2 - Part A
For the second lesson, students learn about important geographical features of the ancient Mali empire.
The third lesson focuses on the importance of the Niger River to both ancient and modern Mali.

The following 3 lessons are on Economic Development

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