Harley Quinn Pen drawing

I have been working on this project for months, i kept hitting a wall it seemed like and i would keep getting frustrated and put it back. I'm glad i picked it up again and fixed what i was annoyed with even when it wasn't my choice to pick this project up again, I have multiple pictures that i started with at the beginning of doing this project and each looks different in some aspect, i started with a blue pen then moved to black and decided to use all my pens black, red, and blue and combine them.

Eventually i fixed the length of her neck and practiced the pen on a sheet of tracing paper to see how it would look.

my artistic behaviors for this project would be engage and persist, and Problem solving. This project has been put back more then it has been worked on that's for sure but I had to keep at it despite how much i hated it in the beginning. After working on it and figuring out how it was going to turn out it helped me keep going. A couple problems I kept having would have been her head and face and the bat on her shoulder. Her chin always looked either too blocky or to round and her lips didn't have the right pouting look to them. Her Bat always got lost in the drawing and looked bent. Her hands were very difficult too. I found shoving the project back in its drawer wasn't going to solve them, I had to work and figure it out despite how frustrated I was. I learned with pen that the only way to fix things was to keep going because you can't exactly erase it.

If I could do this project over I would take it more seriously from day one. I know it would have turned out way better and in less time.

After this project I plan to go back to charcoal and do a big project on cardboard of the Star Wars cast.

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