Africa Fire Mission Dave and Nancy

It all started with Nancy--Dave initially didn't want to go to Africa. However, when Mary Kamau of Missions of Hope International, who was staying at the Moores house during a speaking tour, found out that Dave was a firefighter, Nancy assured her that Dave would be able to come to Kenya to teach communities in the slums how to fight fires.

Nancy Moore was a prime mover in getting her husband, Dave, involved in fire prevention and training in the slums of Kenya.

The only problem was, Dave didn't know this was going on. He was fighting wildfires out west. When he returned, and Nancy filled him in on what was needed, his response was pretty much, "" He had no intention of going to Africa and getting suckered into some kind of contribution or sponsorship. So Nancy pressed him to seek out the counsel of a few close friends and he agreed to at least do that. Dave figured they would have his back, but after speaking to all three, he realized he was going to Africa.

Needless to say, he wasn't in the best of spirits when he arrived, but after beginning to see some of the need there, he started to come up with ideas for how to help with training and supplies. By the end of his first trip, he was beginning to think that maybe Africa would have something to do with his next career step. Some time later, he arranged for a succession plan at his old job as chief at the Glendale Fire Department, collected his speaking trumpet, and took a step in faith to see what would happen.

Dave was a reluctant participant at first, but then found a God-given passion in applying his training in the slums of Kenya.

That's when things really began to come together. After word got out that he was working with MOHI on fire prevention, he began to find himself being approached with offers of supplies, shipping assistance, and trips to other African nations like Ethiopia. In the middle of one of those trips, unable to sleep, he went online and filed for incorporation under the name Africa Fire Mission.

Africa Fire Mission sends shipping containers full of used but perfectly good firefighting supplies and training materials to firefighters in Africa.

And that's what brought them here. Now they are gathering gear and training materials to send in shipping containers, which also have space for supplies for other ministries, as well. Their work in Kenya has drawn attention to the slums and the needs there--resulting in road improvements and increased trash collection, as well as a shift in perceptions about the residents there. It's just one more way that the movement of Christ is changing others to change the world.

Dave and Nancy Moore

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