Adobe Workshop Creativity in Education



Branded Graphic>Editable templates>Design (on right hand sign)> Brandify (will allow you to automatically edit the template to suit your 'Brand')


Home (will see built in puppets)> Set, rest, pose then your image will be tracked

Record (will record all audio and movements) > move playhead to start of recording > record again whilst moving puppet

File > Import and image (Insert a picture) Will appear as an asset> Drag onto stage (edit with tools on right hand side. adjust layers etc. > click back to character and then repeat to adjust individual images)

TO EDIT PUPPET edit> edit original. Will open puppet in photoshop and you can edot original layers in photo shop.

CHARACTERISER will allow you to turn yourself into a character.

*Can import into rush and pro and use puppet as part of your moveie.


Quality movies with audio SPARK VIDEO is a video creation tool.

Start from scratch and go through process of generating an empty template.

Add video, images, icons

Add audio: orange mic>click and hold> record voice. To rerecord they can simply reclick the orange mic.

Design tools on right. Themes > right hand side at top>Apply themes and brands.

Music - Good stock library.

For a local MP4 file > 'download'

It's never finished - It's just Due :-)


Quick video creator and editor.

Also a phone application - which is full working version! Will sync with your desktop.

Blue cross on left hand side>add>import media (can order by clicking through)>create (all elements will go directly to timeline. Can also add voice over, graphics, audio

Right hand side>to edit your media (transitions, timing, etc)

Bottom left>cut, lock, expand media, etc. Super easy to grab a picture or video and pop over the top of another.


Drawing and painting app on iPad or Windows Tablet app. pixel, paint style and vector brushes (click on brushes on left hand side)

right hand side>layers> can import a photo and then add another layer and trace over the top.

Tap layers twice for options such as hide. Top right hand corner> sliders which turn down opacity.

On left > familiar tools such as colours, text,

Photoshop Camera

Phone app with embedded filters/lenses

can upload or take image directly in app

Adobe Photoshop

A nice visual way to introduce layers: layers on right hand side>draw on each and then shuffle

3D extrusion - There is a 3D menu. draw something then play with extrusion... can be 3D printed. Export!

3D Mesh - Can choose from presets! Can wrap your design around a 3D objects and it can even be 3D printed!

Draw on a second layer then create another 3D extrusion... these objects will be separate. Then can merge the layers via layers menu.

Export for web to compress file.

Adobe Aero

Augmented reality app for mobile device - cloud based app.

Blue plus to add assets

Add actions to play animation on built in characters. Can record and even create movies.


Create a form out of a standard PDF, make any existing form a digital version.

Right hand side>prepare form (more tools if you don't have)>add a text field etc. Can include options, drop down menus

Can remove existing text, edit, fix. Add digital signatures.


Contact the Education Team : https://bit.ly/adobe_contact

Coming events for teachers - http://bit.ly/adobeEDU-events

Adobe Creative Educator - https://edex.adobe.com/adobe-creative-educator

Inject Creativity Live events - http://bit.ly/adobe-inject

Acrobat tutorials - https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/tutorials.html

Adobe Creative Educator - https://edex.adobe.com/adobe-creative-educator

Created By
Rebecca Frith


Created with an image by Pexels - "art brushes colorful"