My Goals

My 1 year goals:

-I want to learn Japanese because I would be able to watch anime with out the cringe of dubbed episode or have the troubles of keeping up with subbed shows.

-I want to learn Korean because in the future I want to go to Korea and live there, it would be nice to be fluent in Korean.

-I also want to be independent and able to live life not needing others to get through it.

-I want to be someone who's reliable so people will come to me for help. I feel it will take long because I would have to get peoples trust and have them know they can get my help.

My 3 year goals:

-I want to go to Greece because my favorite book series, all of the Percy Jackson books, has interested me in the topic of Greek culture and Greek gods, so why not go see Greece itself.

-I really want to go to Egypt too , for the culture interests me. I love the idea of all the gods and how cool it would be to see everything in person. I also think it would be amazing to see the architecture of everything made there.

-I want to go to Japan to expand my knowledge of what I really know about it. I feel it would be nice to learn the culture of it and see if anything I thought I knew was actually incorrect. Out of every place in Japan, I would like to go to Tokyo.

-I want to move to Seoul, Korea. I am into Korean music and Korean shows already and because of the interests, it makes me want to move there once I'm old enough.

My 5 year goals:

-I want to learn how computers work. I want to know how to build computers and how to code on them. Knowing computers in this day and age is important because almost everyone is using them. I would much rather be someone with a ton of knowledge of them than someone who doesn't know anything.

-I want to be able to go though my life and say that I have a great life. Having a great life is much better than having a horrible life.

-I want to be able to walk up a sidewalk and look at a front door of an exotic animals pet shop. This is because i would be able to see how much I've accomplished and how I finally have a shop of my own.

-In the future, I want to start rescuing animals and finding good homes for them. This would make it so that my home would be filled with lots of animals to care for. It would be like having tons of pets.

My 10 year goals:

-I want to own an exotic animals pet shop, such as snakes or large lizards. I chose this because of my snake Vader. I feed him weekly and go to an exotic pet shop to get him his weekly meal. I was interested in a job there but I'm not old enough. It was put in my mind to make my own shop someday.

-In 10 years I hope to have a happy family. I want a family that gets along splendidly and can deal with me and my weirdness. If that's possible, then I think the family could be as happy as posssible, though not perfect.

-I want a good home that I can live in. Living in a good home is better than living on the streets. At first I may be living in apartments until I could afford to buy a house of my own, but if that's what it takes, then I will do it.

-I want to be able to know good people. I want friends who actually care for me as I do them. That's why I think the goal will take a long time. It takes a while to see who is willing to stick with you through anything.

The End

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