Gordie Howe Mr. HoCkeY

Gordie Howe was born on march 31st, 1928. He was born in floral, Saskatchewan which is just outside of Saskatoon. Gordie lived on a farm near floral with his parents and 8 siblings. Gordie was the fifth child born out of the nine.

Gordie's father, Ab Howe worked 3 jobs to support his family because they were poor like many of there neighbors were during the Great Depression. Gordie got his first pair of skates at the age of 5, when his neighbours brought over old belongings that they had no use for anymore.

Gordie's parents Ab and Katherine

Gordie Howe showed a lot of interest in hockey at a young age, playing day in and day out throughout the entire year. He didn't not make the local hockey team until age 12, when his skating abilities developed. When he was 15 years old the New York Rangers invited him to a hockey camp. The head coach later told Howe that he wouldn't make it to the major leagues. One year later the Detroit Red Wings invited him for a try out and later offered him a contract.

Personal information

Gordie went to school in his local town until he made his way into the NHL at a young age and left his town at 16. In 1950 gordie met his wife Colleen. Gordie had 4 kids, mark, Marty, Murray, Cathy.

Gordie Howe started his NHL career in the 1946-47 season with Detroit. He played with the Red wings until he retired in 1971. Gordie won 4 Stanley cups with Detroit. ( 1950, 1952, 1954, 1955 ), 6 time art Ross trophy winner and 6 time hart memorial trophy winner. He was also entered into the hockey hall a fame in 1972.

Gordie howe was known as Mr. Hockey and changed the game. Gordie was 6'2" and weighted over 220 pounds and was known as the tough guy in hockey. A term still used today is a "gordie Howe hat trick" which is a goal, an assist and a fight. He was known for this because of his scoring and fighting abilities.

Gordie Howe's Comeback

Gordie's all time goal in his hockey career was getting to play with his sons, mark and Marty. He got the chance in 1976 and 1977 in the WHA, and won the championship both years with the aeros.

In 1979 the league, WHA folded. The aeros were now known as the Hartford whalers in the NHL, which gave gordie how another shot in the NHL in 1979-80 with his sons.

Gordie Howe still holds the record of being the oldest player to play in NHL (52 years old) and playing the most seasons (26) and games played.

Image after gordie's 1000 game

Significants to Canada

Gordie shaped the game of hockey and one of the biggest scorer and best player in his time. He also influenced other NHL super stars like Wayne Gretzky.

Howe and Gretzky

Gordie Howe died on June 10th, 2016 from natural causes in ohio. He was 88. I chose to do my project on gordie because he's from Saskatchewan and influenced young hockey players. I also meet gordie Howe and was a representative for my parents company.

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