Lenten Season

March 1st- April 15 2017


Saturday March 18, 2017 @ 5:30 PM


Friday March 24, 2017

Community Mass

Saturday April 1, 2017


Please note that you can still purchase your 2016-2017 Yearbook at the great price of $25.00!! After March 17th, the price will go up to $50.00.

Don't forget to send any pictures you've taken of CAS activities, you can email any pictures you'd like to share.

Please find attached an order form for your use. Thank you

Yearbook cover contest

Dear Catholic Academy Family and Friends,

Once again, our yearbook cover will be artwork from one of our students. We would like every student in school (toddlers to 8th grade) to draw/create a cover. The winning student will have their cover on our yearbook. The back of the yearbook will have the artwork from the winners of each class (minus the cover winner).

Each cover should include:

School Name – Catholic Academy of Sunnyvale

School Year – 2016-2017

Their cover can also include our mascot (the Phoenix) but it isn’t required.

Bold colors show up best but aren’t required

Finally, they should write their name and grade ON THE BACK OF THE PAPER in pencil.

We need these drawings back no later than Friday, March 24th, 2017. This gives us time to pick the winners and get them to the yearbook company.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you so much for your help with this project.

-Mr. Silvestre and the yearbook committee


Saturday March 18, 2017 @ 5:30PM

A letter from the principal

Dear Parents,

I want to thank each and every one of you who came out to attend the preschool meeting, the state of the school meeting, or met with me individually to both listen and to share about the school experience this year and the plans for next. I was touched to see so many make time in your busy week to engage in an open and honest conversation of the collection of our experience, hopes, concerns, and questions. Learning together, I found the time worthwhile, and I hope that everyone who attended took away something from the group.

For those who were unable to attend the meetings, I will share the two main objectives of the 2017-2018 school year. 1) Refining program and curriculum. The bones of our new program are strong, but there was much we learned about the first year of the program, and we are ready to refine the experience both in the classroom and for the parent experience including organization, communication, and improved cross curricular integration. 2) Bring in the JOY! In the program revision, some of the traditions, celebrations and times to connect were lost (not deliberately) and need to be re-imagined. Let's laugh, build, learn and support each other the way we think the best Catholic community does! This work will entail a two-fold approach. The administration will think again about celebrating birthdays, faith friends, awards and the like, and secondly, the PTG (Parent Teacher Group) needs to develop additional leadership and calendar events for fun, service, and fundraising. With hearty thanks to Melissa and Adriana who are working so hard this year to bring the community together and raise funds, they have been taxed in way by the small size of the PTG. We must expand the group and encourage all parents to take up an active role in whatever way they are able in a joyful celebration of the school community.

Too, I would like to thank the teachers and staff who attended or covered for those who were presenting to make these meetings possible. From the feedback we received, I will look to offer more opportunities like this in the future.

This weekend we have two major recruiting efforts happening. There is a preschool fair at Sunnyvale Public Library, and presentations at all the Masses at St. Martin's Parish. Both parent volunteers and staff will be working this weekend to introduce new community members to our school while our amazing Auction team is preparing for the upcoming party of the year! We will be busy! (And, please do come to the auction - what a great time to spend with each other!)

Too, I ask for all prayers possible for the continued healing of Danny Placencia (Michelle's husband) who suffered a stroke earlier this week. He is doing well, and is at home tonight - thank God. And we are very grateful for your patience as we operated the office without Michelle for the better part of the week. She is such an important part of our community - I know that her absence was felt, and we look forward to her return soon.

May God bless us all with peace, good health and progress this weekend and always.

Warm Regards,

Susan Morrissey



This week in Toddlers we have been talking about the weather. We have been focusing on the weather we see in our area. We even made our own weather wheels.

Our Montessori lesson this week has us working on the number concepts, odd and even. Our nursery rhyme this week is Ants Go Marching. We are also focusing on the letter Z and its sound.


This week we focused on the seven continents and their geographical locations.

They did matching picture cards that relates to culture and diversity. We will continue learning our our rhyming lessons through the Nursery Rhymes.

In Science we learned the concept of Hot and Cold (temperature) and how to use a thermometer.

Thank you to Cristina, Emma's mom for sharing all about Italy!

Also, thank you to José and Juan's mom Isabel for sharing about Chile.


This week in kindergarten, students enjoyed the book, "Extra Yarn" during story time. This literature based math lesson taught them how to compare different things and understand what length means. To tie it all up, the students worked in groups on measuring things from longest to shortest and created posters with their findings.

first grade

Are you a member of The Crew? We're talking about Lexia Crew in 1st Grade! Students are taking ownership of their learning and monitoring their daily progress in Lexia, our online Reading program. Before we begin each day, students check their individual weekly minutes. They record those minutes on the classroom board and do a quick addition problem to find their daily goal. Then it is time to get to work, as each student does his or her best to stay on task and achieve the goal before time runs out. Every student who achieves his or her goal has earned Lexia Crew for the day! Will you make The Crew tomorrow? Good luck!

second grade

The second-graders have been working on Money for Math story problems. We have a bank system. The teacher owns two banks. Each bank has three clients for money exchange transactions. Each client will count their money and have it exchanged for bills. There is a bank teller who will recount the money with the client. Then. there will be general manager who recount with the bank teller. Then exchange is done.


Raining Cats and Dogs:

On Monday it rained cats and dogs at CAS. Students are also studying idioms. So, we are taking advantage of our recent weather to write about idioms such as raining cats and dogs. Students are also applying their knowledge of our Step Up to Writing program. I can’t wait to read their versions of kittens and poodles falling from the sky!


The fourth grade class created google slides to inform their classmates about missions, presidios, and pueblos. Groups had to gather information and pictures to present to the class. This is an introduction for the class on how to identify what went on in each part of the mission system. We will extensively take a look at specific jobs and roles in each unit of the mission system.


This week in 5th Grade, the students worked on coding their own sports game. They could choose between making their own basketball game or mix and match across sports. They learned how to use versions of if/when block. When they finished, they could save the game and let their friends try it.

During homeroom, the students tried to practice mindfulness through meditation. They doodled while they listened to zen music so it was not too overwhelming for their first attempt. Meditation in young kids has shown to improve memory, generate peaceful thoughts, develop focus and regulate their emotions. In this world of sensory overload, the kids need mediation as much as the adults. We plan on including more meditation during homeroom time

sixth grade

This week is 6th-grade science the students have been giving their climate change presentations. In addition, we have also started our unit on ecosystems where students will learn how our Earth's systems are connected.


The young designers are just finishing up their ideation process for their product design. Their research and sketches are coming out great.

Phase two will be their semi-final sketches for their products.

In Robotics, some of them even taught the class about kilo, mega, giga, and tera bytes. These are the units to represent memory. They also learned about the difference between binary and analog signals.

The 7th graders had tons of fun painting the island themed painting for auction.

Special thanks to the parents and students that helped with the painting.

Eighth Grade

As grade 8 students enter the final chapters of To Kill a Mockingbird, some of us are making connections with between the book and real-world events. Recently, the class explored a Newsela article on a group of young civil rights activists from 1961called the Friendship Nine. These 9 men were thrown in jail and convicted for challenging racial segregation laws by sitting at a lunch counter. Some 50 years later, a judge cleared the records on the Friendship Nine, tossing out their convictions. According to Lily, "I think the article was very interesting because it talked about how lots of people apologized to the men. Compared to their lives in the 1960s, that is a huge advancement." What other connections can we make?


March's theme is "Foods." Each week has three vocabularies to the K-8 students. The words are "紅蘿(萝)蔔hóng luó bo (carrot)" "玉米yù mǐ (corn)" "青椒qīng jiāo (green pepper)." The students wrote down the Chinese words and pinyin; then they could colored three pictures based on these vocabularies. They could practice oral via that handout. According to these words, the sentence structure is "我喜歡xǐ huān/不喜歡bù xǐ huān 吃chī .... (I like / don't like to eat....)." The 5-8 students could speak out the whole sentences. Otherwise, I hope that the older students could present a small Chinese presentation about self based on I taught them the words and sentences.

Keep it up!


The school Choir performs at st. Cyprian church in the Holy mass, the 1st Saturday of every month.

Lenten Reconciliation on April 7 by 6pm. The students will dramatize the passion of Jesus. That day too.

Preparations continue for Confirmation for 8th grade and first Holy Communion for 2nd grade. Coming up in May.

Physical Education/Health

This week in Physical Education/Health:

Soccer is finally here in a really big way! With most of our preliminary training for fundamental skills completed, we have begun scrimmaging on our main outdoor field for some really great fun in the sunshine. This has also been a great opportunity to re-familiarize our students with the outdoor running track as they are gearing up for their mile test-run in the Spring. Our soccer fundamentals unit will continue for a few more weeks before we move on to our next sports theme (weather permitting).

Our middle school students also completed and submitted their Public Service Announcement "NO SMOKING" videos awaiting votes by the younger student body. Look here for the winners video in the near future.


This week has brought out some of the best and warmest weather of 2017. Longer sunshine and warmer evenings gives us much better opportunities to get our wiggles out and enjoy the fresh air. Inside, we are having fun making seasonal projects like Celtic knots and rainbow cloud hats in preparation for St. Patrick's day. For math fun, students got to color M.C. Escher inspired tessellation patterns.

With this warm weather comes a change in clothes, even during the day as students pull off their sweaters and enjoy fun on the field and playground. To prevent the loss of these (and other items), please ensure that your children's belongings are properly labelled. Items such as sweaters, lunchboxes, water-bottles, coats, and any other possessions can be promptly returned easily when clearly labelled. Missing items will be redirected to the main campus "Lost and Found" located in the school's main hallway between the staff lounge and office.

UPDATES: We understand that the necessity for before/after-childcare may change over time. Please contact either Mr. Lee or the main office to fill out a "change of usage" form to make sure we can find the best Extended Care schedule program that is best for your family's needs.

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