My Favorite Saint: Saint Valentine Bailey Maholm

Saint Valentine was born in 226 AD in Terni, Italy and died on February 14, 273 AD in Rome, Italy.

He is the patron Saint of Love, Young People, Happy Marriages, and Epilepsy which is a neurological disorder since it is believed that he was a physician.

Saint Valentine is celebrated in the Church on February 14, Valentines Day, because this was the day he was martyered.

Some interesting facts about Saint Valentine was that his personal life was known little about, so in 1969, the Roman Catholic Church removed him from the General Roman Calender, however the church still celebrates him today.

He was the former Bishop of Terni, Narnia and Amelia and was on house arrest with Judge Asterius. Saint Valentine was pleading the reliability of the Lord, so the Judge put him to the test. He gave him his blind daughter and told him to heal her and he did.

He was later arrested by the Emperor Claudius for trying to convert people to Christianity. He is known for love because he was imprisoned for marrying Christian couples and aiding Christians being persecuted by Claudius in Rome. Claudius started to like Saint Valentine, but when he tried to convert him to Christianity he became furious and order him to be executed immediately.

Pray of Intercession: Dear Saint Valentine, I pray that you help keep the students of Cardinal Gibbons High School calm during this stressful week of tests. We know you will be with us and help us to remain peaceful and confident in our abilities. I pray that you give love to the people that need it the most and you help people realize that kindness comes a long way. Thank you for providing love and happiness. Amen.


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