Japanese Internment by Tessa Manning

The Japanese Internment Camps
The Arguments Against Japanese Interment Camps

Many Japanese-American communities, such as Japanese-American Citizen's League, issued a formal statement pledging the complete allegiance to the government of the United States. Many Japanese-American even urged the President to declare war against Japan. There was little evidence that the Japan descended Americans planned to overthrow the United States Government. Fear controlled the minds of America which led to the decision to transfer certain citizens into internment camps under the careful eye of American soldiers.

The Argument for Japanese Internment Camps

There was extensive controversy following the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor. Japan's brutal bombing of the Hawaiian Naval Base left Americans immediately fear invasion. The Japanese-American population on the west coast made citizens' hysteria of attack increase greatly. As mentioned in the second video the destruction of the American navy on the Pacific Coast left that side of the American coast vulnerable for invasion. President Roosevelt, pressured by the fear and doubt of his citizens, was compelled to deal with the threat by the internment camps. Many argued the welfare of the nation overrode the individual opinion. Others also argued that the two nations were at war and the country could not afford the possibility of secret sympathizers and supporters.

During a time of war when fear and desperation are so present in everyday life, it is easy to forget simple human traits such as compassion and sympathy. When the country of Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, the fear of another such attack controlled the minds of American citizens. Mistrust in their neighbor led to drastic and unnecessary precautions to ensure their safety. The transfer of the Japanese-Americans into internment camps was not the best option during


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