DTC #14: Hidden Agenda Get high, get low, get weird, get a show





Drink like a movie star on a rooftop over looking your nighttime playground.

Descend to the depths of a classic hidden basement scene.

Relax on another dimension while taking down some vibrant cocktails.

Make some food disappear while being mystified by not one but two shows.

Filifera graces the 22nd floor of the Hollywood Proper Residences making it the highest rooftop bar and lounge in Hollywood.
Stop 1

Get High

• 6:30pm to 7:15pm •

Walking up to the front door of the Hollywood Proper Residences, home of Filifera, friendly valet greet you as if you belonged there. Internally however, you’re not sure if that reservation you made online earlier will work as people definitely live here. Once on top the glowing pool, stylish furniture and loud tunes are all that can distract you from the beautiful view of the Hollywood Hills. Find a table along the window among the foliage and sip on a beautifully constructed cocktail while sampling from the golden hour menu. After you’ve pointed out that old apartment of your ex and devour that final sip of your cocktail it will be time to become one with the hustle and bustle below.

Stop 2

get low

• 7:15pm to 8:30pm•

Crossing the street and entering your next destination gives you that familiar feeling of “is this the right place”. Your group gets holed up in a garage but after figuring it out enters the through the faux fridge. Stepping up the staircase you immediately understand the name: Good Times at Davey Wayne’s. It’s on the early side, which is perfect for a few reasons, there’s no line at the bar, the grill out back doesn’t have a wait, it’s happy hour, there's classic rock playing and the shuffleboard is all yours. Tunes that you grew up with shower your party while you take back a Davey’s Old Fashioned and devour a Good Times Melt. By the time you’ve figured out the proper rules of shuffleboard and rocked out on the back deck it’ll be time to journey to another galaxy.

Stop 3

get weird

• 8:30pm to 9:30pm •

Taking the few blocks walk down Hollywood Blvd. is LA’s version of entering another galaxy until you turn into the real deal at Scum & Villainy. Let your inner nerd come out as you enter the bar based on the Star Wars Episode IV’s famous Cantina Scene. Fans wearing vibrant costumes suck down glowing cocktails while you find your way to a table. Revel in the classic scene while sipping a Wretched Blue Milk or Space Dust IPA. After you've discussed which Star Wars is better and figured everyones favorite character it will mark the time to head further into the weirdness to get a show all to yourself.

Stop 4

get a show

• 10:45pm until you've sung your guts out •

Sneaking into the side door of black rabbit rose reveals the dark dungeon full of surprises. You’ll first speak with the host who will set you up with a table to indulge on two things that make perfect sense together: Thai food and magic. After you’ve secured a cocktail and gone crazy on ordering for the table a friendly gentleman will greet you out of nowhere. This will be your personal magician to mystify you for a while. Your food arrives perfectly timed for the magician to take a bow as you’re group grapples with how he did that last tick.

After you’ve made lettuce cups and bowls of noodles disappear head to the back room after 10:30pm for a final show to end your night. Local bands rock on the corner stage to a small gracious crowd. Cocktails flow, dancing ensues…it’s a beautiful sight to see. As the night finally comes to a close, hidden in a back room bar a thought will finally creep in “I didn’t even know any of this existed.”


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