Garrett Photovoice Portfolio By Garrett O'Hara

Week One

This is my school backpack I used it for taking a picture of a familiar object for a assignment, I took this picture on my pool table because it was the cleanest table I had near me at the time, and the color of the table went very well with the black bag.
This is a selfie I took in class for another assignment I wanted to take a selfie but from far away so I stepped away from the camera and had my friend take the photo.
This is a picture of my dog in my living room, I took this photo because my dog was in a pretty good pose for a photo and he was looking off in the distance to give the photo a mysterious vibe.

Week Two

This is a vertical snapshot photo of my friend Caleb, and brother Gavin I just whipped out my camera and took the picture of them together.
This is a vertical portrait of my friend Ismael I wanted him to make a serious pose and this is what he did.
This is a horizontal portrait of my friend Ismael I wanted basically the same pose but I took it a different day.
This is a horizontal snapshot of my friend Jacob trying to do a ninja flip.

Week Three

This is a portrait of two kids and one is bullying/fighting the other one as you can see this is about bullying and I think bullying needs to stop.
This is part of the other photo but it shows good things and how we should just be nice to everyone. This is shown by how Malachi was being mean to Edward earlier but now he is being nice by not assaulting him and just embracing.

My Idea for week four photo is to help the homeless this subject matters a lot to me because I enjoy helping people who are less fortunate than me. I want to capture the happiness of the people and the sadness to maybe persuade people to help the homeless wether it is money, food or just talking to them.

I believe that everyone should help the homeless and just help people that are less fortunate that you, and giving people money is not always the way to help sometimes just smiling at someone can help them a lot just help people when you can.

Created By
Garrett O'Hara

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