Dystopia project Calvin Fischer


This dystopia is a monarchy, run by a single king and a small group of advisors, with a parliament that doesn't actually do anything in order to keep people's eyes off of the real power holders. The king's advisors also serve as judges in the courts, so no one of the upper class can ever be found guilty in trials.

In the economy, the poor have very low income, especially when compared to the rich. And on top of being barely enough to survive off of, their money is taken via a poverty tax, which puts all of the poor's "unnecessary money" back into the pockets of the upper class.

Society in this dystopia is divided into three levels: the rich who live comofortably, the poor who struggle to eat, and the outcasts who live with nothing and exist solely for the rich to point fingers at as the cause of the poor class's suffering to divert attention from themselves.

Finally, entertainment like music, movies, and art are heavily censored, to the point where movies are nothing more than hour long praising of the crown, and songs are just endless propaganda.


Created with images by brittanylynae - "Supreme Court" • Intellectual - "burning money dollars cash" • tpsdave - "denver colorado city" • superfem - "Slums of Mumbai" • Ian D - "Propaganda" • pena2 - "propaganda"

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