Colombia National Team by: jose perez


  • Colombia played its first official matches in 1938 at the central American and Caribbean Games.
  • They were defeated by Mexico 1-3 in their first match.

Important Players Today

  • The best players on the national team today are James Rodriguez and Juan Cuadrado.
  • Other notable players are the goalkeeper David Ospina and midfielder Carlos Sanchez Moreno.

Important Players Back Then

  • The best player known in the country was Carlos "El Pibe" Valderrama.
  • He was an explosive midfielder during the 1990s and lead his team to qualify to 3 worldcups.

Current Coach

  • Colombia's head coach is Jose Pekerman.
  • He was first named head coach in January 2012.

Colombia's Logo

  • The logo of the team is a red soccer ball with "federacion colombiana de futbol" written around the ball.
  • This means the Colombian federation of soccer.


  • The uniforms for the national team usually change from year to year.
  • Usually there is some sort of yellow jersey every year with their logo.


  • Colombia is currently ranked 7th in the world in soccer.
  • Lowest they've ever been ranked was 54 in 2011.

World Cup 2014

  • Colombia had a nice run in the last world cup but fell short in the quarterfinals.
  • James Rodriguez arguably had the best goal of the whole tournament.

Best Player Today

  • Today the best Colombian soccer player is the captain James Rodriguez.
  • James playes for the club team Real Madrid along side one of the best players today Christiano Ronaldo.


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