Sub- Saharan Africa By- Alexa heidt, logan betz

Land Use

This is a picture of subsistance farming in Africa.

In Sub- Saharan Africa, they use most of the land for subsistence farming. This cause the problem of them being poor because subsistence farming is farming for your family, therefore you do not earn a profit off of the crops.

Natural Resources

This is a picture of the people of Africa that are forced to work in Gold mines.

Africa has around 50% of the world's gold and diamonds.

Democratic Republic of Congo

This is a picture of where the Democratic Republic of Congo is located in Africa.

The Democratic Republic of Congo had mostly gold and diamonds. They are said to have almost 50% of the world gold.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is possibly the poorest nation in the world because armed rebel groups control the mines, they force people to work in them, and bribe the government to stay out. The armed rebel groups sells the resources. They get money to buy more weapons and become more powerful.

Armed rebel groups take control of the mines, force people to work in them, they bribe the government to stay out,sell the resources, buy more weapons. About 600 million dollars in Gold is smuggled out or Congo each year.

GDP Per Capita

This is a picture of GDP around the world. Use the key on the side of the picture to help you find out the GDP of a certain country.

In Africa, 16 nations have a GDP Per Capita below 1,000 dollars.

If you look in the 2 lightest shades of green, you will be able to see the countries with the lowest GDP per capita.

The top 5 nations in Africa that have the highest GDP Per Capita are, Mauritius-12,800 South Africa- 11,100 Botswana- 9,200 Seychelles-7,800 Nambia-7,300.

This is a picture of natural resources.

These 5 nations have the highest GDP Per Capita because they have more natural resources than the other 16.

Life Expectancy

This is a chart that shows the amount of estimated people in Kenya. This data was recorded in 2015.

Of the counties with the 31 lowest life expectancies, 28 are from Sub-Saharan Africa. This is because of HIV and AIDs. Around 25.6 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa are living with HIV. It is estimated at about 35 million people have died from AIDS in Africa already

Three Kingdoms of West Africa

The Three West African kingdoms are, Ghana, Mali, and Songhai. These three kingdoms were in power during the years 800-1600 CE. The three kingdoms participated in the Trans-Saharan Trade network. The two thing that were traded are gold and salt. The North Africans would bring the salt, and the West Africans would bring the gold.

This is a picture of what some of the slaves would look like.

North African Muslim tribes trade for African slaves. They would do this because according to their holy book, muslims can't enslave other muslims. Muslims and African slave traders used slaves mining, to be in the military, and servants. This enslavement was different from the Europeans enslavements, because some of the slaves served at military generals, and it was easier to buy or earn your freedom. Some times, depending on your master, as a slave you would be able to have your own slave.

This is a picture of Mansa Musa

Mansa Musa was the emperor or king of Mali. He was estimated to be the richest person who ever walked the earth. In today's money he is worth $450,000,000,000. On his famous Hajj, he took 60,000 people, 80 camels carrying 300 pounds of gold each, 500 slaves each carrying a 4 pound gold staff, and his senior wife and her 500 attendants. He brought back Muslim scholars and architects. These scholars and architects were used to build cities, mosques, and schools. The city of Timbuktu was the center of Islamic learning and trading.

This is a picture of Ibn Battuta

Ibn Battuta was 21 when he started his travels. He set out from the city of Tangier. He traveled 75,000 miles. He spent 30 years exploring. When his travels were over, he wrote a book.

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