War of the Roses By: brittney Kreitler

The House of Lancaster was symbolized by a red rose. While the House of York was symbolized by white roses.

Lancaster was defeated by Richard the third.

Henry VI was from the House of Lancaster and became king when he was a year old.

Edward IV ruled England for ten years. He was then thrown out because of his arrogance then Henry VI became king again.

Richard III locked Edward IV's sons in a prison and the boys were mysteriously gone and Richard III is crowned king.

I think that Richard III is guilty of the two princes because he was the only one known to see the boys last besides when they showed up dead.

The Battle of Bosworth Field is where Henry Tudor defeats Richard III. Henry Tudor then becomes king.

Henry Tudor came from a very powerful family and he didn't have a great claim of the throne. Henry also wanted to combine houses so he marries Edwards daughter.


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