The Natural Museum By Lauren butler (All photos taken by Lauren Butler)

The Butterfly Exhibit was my favorite exhibit at the Natural Museum. As a biology major I loved this part of the class because we were able to interact with organisms in their natural environment. Instead of reading about the good life we got to experience the good life. It was so cool seeing the butterflies in their natural environment. I liked how they majestically laid everywhere, It was also cool how they would come up to you and perch on your shoulder or on your arm.
At this exhibit people were silent and constantly taking pictures of the butterflies. While at the exhibit I felt connected to the outdoors and felt a duty to protect the butterflies. For example, I was really nervous about stepping on the butterflies so I was looking down a lot. However, while I was there I was able to look past all of my stresses for a short minute. It was really special and I would definitely like to do more things like this.
By going to this exhibit I believe it allowed me to reconnect with nature. It also allowed me to clear my head and just be happy in the moment seeing the diverse colors of the butterflies. Too often we are walking outside focusing on our phones that we don't even realize if it is sunny outside let alone if a car is about to hit you cause you continued walking without looking. So, I believe this partially allowed me to reconnect with nature. However, by having us take pictures of us being here we weren't able to actually live in the moment. So, once again we had our face in our phones snapping pictures. Instead of being able to see the butterflies in person we saw it through a small little camera lens.

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