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Namibia is in Africa located in the Southern and Eastern Hemispheres.

One country that borders Namibia is Angola which is North of Namibia,South of Namibia is South Africa,West of Namibia is the South Atlantic Ocean,and East of Namibia is Botswana.

Windhoek Namibia

The capital of Namibia is called Windhoek and it's coordinates are 22°S and 17°E.

Namibia is in between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Antarctic circle in the tropical zone at around 21°S in between 18°S and 40°S in the temperate zone.

Physical features

The largest mountain range in Africa are the Atlas Mountains and are 2,000 feet between 10,000 feet tall. The largest lake in Africa is lake Victoria which was named after queen Victoria. The kalahari desert is the largest desert and is 359,075 miles long. The Nile River is the longest river and is 4,258.


The country's total population is 2.44 million people and is small at rank 142.

The population density in Namibia is 7.69 people per square mile and not vrery crowded its rank is 232. Namibia's growth rate is 1.69% per year and is rank 72 and has a slow growth rate.

The country's largest city's are

  1. Windhoek khomas with 325,858 people
  2. Rundu kavago with 63,431 people
  3. Walvis bay erongo with 58,058 people
  4. Oshakatie oshana with 36,541 people
  5. Swakopmund erongo with 25,047 people

Namibia is more rural then urban and the net migration rate is 0.05 more people are entering but just barely.


Namibia is a developing country because the GDP per ca pita is low and there life expectancy is 51.85% and there literacy rate is under 90% of the population.


The main languages spoken in Namibia is oshiwambo,nama/damara, and Afrikaans,otjiherero,and caprivi. The main religions in Namibia is christian and lutherun.


Namibia's famous sports are soccer, rugby, boxing, cricket, golf,athletics, and fishing. Namibia has its own league in soccer known as the Namibia premier league and there own rugby team called welwitsenia.


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