I am currently a student of George Brown College. I am interested in using illustrations and visual imaging to express feelings and convey messages. In the future I would like to pursue graphic designer as future career.

During the Art and Design Foundation program, I tried to strengthen my skills in many different aspects.

Practiced drawing skill: the contour drawing for St. Lawrence Market, gray scale drawing for a T-shirt.
Studied light and shadow in colours. ( colour pencils in Canson Mi-Tone paper.)

Currently this GBC foundation program helps me to clarify my goals and build up my portfolio; also it helps me to know more about art and design in many different fields.

It helps me to change the way I see the objects and the way I think about art and design aspects. This guides me to clarify my goals and leads me to the career that I want to pursue in the future.

I have a strong interest about illustrating visual imaging or information, at the same time I have ideas about how to express an object in other ways or illustrate an object in different aspects that can brighten up viewer’s mind. I expect to use my art and design strengths and skills to pursue related careers.

I believe the way that I see and observe objects differently and the passion of my interest to pursue a design career which can help to approach my objectives that will make me the best to achieve my future aims.

My artistic belief :

If you want to do something, you will find a way; if you don't, you will find an excuse.
This is a City Landscape project. I took a picture as reference, used that to experiment different kind of value in order to transfer it into a graphic. For the color choices i used achromatic value, both in warm and cold colors. Also i tried to use different kinds of technique to create space, depth and texture in this project.
About Creative Process: I tried to document all the process for all my projects, in order to show the project developments. Also I always try to keep the sketch book with me, because to try out different idea on sketch book to brain storm the ideas, then base on the project requirements to complete all the steps one by one, which is a very important creative step for the project process.
When you truly want to do something,
You will fight hard to get it:
fight hard to get the career that you wanted.
Fight hard to become the person that you wanted to be.
even god will take care of you because of your Effort and sincerity.
My space project. This is "my space" that keep me away from the hustle and bustle.( Medium: Craft Sticks, Felt Sheets, Plexiglass, Marbles.)

​This is one of my projects for studying color theories. In this Abstract Geometric Designs project I tried to experiment the colours from the twelve pure hues, and used colour wheel as my research and reference. Both geometric and organic shapes have been used to design for this project.

​I tried to tell a scenery story that this whole world are combined with geometric and organic shapes: all objects from the sky are cold colours and formed with organic shapes; on the other hand objects from the earth are all warm colour and formed with geometric shapes.

Also I tried to convey a message that everything is balance in this world: the different kind of shapes from the sky and the earth, they are both cool and warm colours which are representing different objects from different aspects. All the things from the world are unique but at the same time they all have mutuality and unity, which is the objective law of the nature, the origin of all things. (medium: gouache and marker )

people get built differently.
we do not need to figure it out.
we just need to respect it.

--Adventure Time

Accept yourself as who you are. Pursue the things that you actually like.

Project for studied Itten's Contrasts (Transferred a picture into a gray scale graphic, in order to experimented and studied different kind of colour contrasts.)
Plaster "Seashore" ( tried to crate an organic shape to represent a seashore object that presenting the rock is eroded by the sea water. )
people make mistakes
it is all part of growing up
and you never truly stop growing

--Adventure Time

Always trust yourself, believe in yourself, do not be afraid, there is always a way to reach your goals.

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