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Minority Mental Health Month
Please note: This section contains some content and discussion about trauma, racism, and suicide which some readers may find triggering and upsetting.
"Growing up, I thought I was emotionally healthy. I had a large Chinese family on my mother’s side (my father is white). We were a lively, loud, tight-knit group consisting of around 20 blood relatives and 3 million non-blood relatives. Everyone knew each other’s business. Distant family members inquired about school, commented on my weight, and asked if I had a boyfriend. The only time it was “quiet” was when the Mahjong table came out and the only noise you’d hear was the click-clacking of tiles."
"Stigma is defined, according to Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, as a mark of shame or discredit. For those struggling with a mental health condition or suicidal thoughts, or is the survivor of suicide loss, stigma is definitely alive and well in today’s culture."
CFJJ's REcent report

Make sure to take a look at Citizens for Juvenile Justice's new report, "Shutting Down the Trauma to Prison Pipeline".

This report highlights child-welfare trends in Massachusetts and addresses the importance of comprehensive behavioral health supports for child-welfare involved youth- to ensure positive outcomes & healthy development.

Hear from criminal justice & behavioral health advocates (and from the Campaign's Courtney Chelo)!

Budget NEWS

Making sure Massachusetts prioritizes child and adolescent mental health.

The Conference Committee released their report- a final compromise budget for FY19. Next stop for the budget is the Governor's desk where he will have 10 days to sign the budget or sent back vetoes. The Campaign will continue to monitor and advocate. We will be sure to update you when the budget is finalized!

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"Every evening after dinner, Herman Agbavor and his 5-year-old son, Herbert, have a ritual. Little Herbert climbs into his dad's lap, unzips his book bag and they go over his kindergarten homework. The two of them have been doing some variation of this homework routine since Herbert was 1. That's when Agbavor first enrolled the boy in preschool."
"Want to know what the teenagers in your life really think about sex and drugs? Are you sure? Well, researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have a pretty good idea, thanks to the Youth Risk Behavior Survey. Every other year, thousands of teens in public and private high schools across the country take this nationally representative survey. The CDC just released results for 2017, and here are a few of the highlights"
"Jennifer Townsend was shocked when she found a note written by her oldest child, a 14-year-old: The teen was planning to commit suicide. Townsend, a mother of four who lives in the rural Mississippi Delta, wanted to get help for her daughter immediately. She called a nearby state-funded community mental health clinic to ask for counseling. The clinic told her they had a wait list of at least six months. And even if the teen got in, they would only be able to see the girl once a month."
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