My Time in Doha For Spring Break, I stayed within the comfort of my home in Doha and had a long week indoors, but did manage to practice my photography skills I learned with different things I had around the house.

The first photo I took for the theme upside down was this of my water tap running as I turned my camera upside down to make it seem almost like the water was going upwards instead, though I realize this would have been more effective by getting the camera a little closer to the water.
I took this photo for the color theme. Although it is quite all over the place, I actually had the intersection of the 2/3 in horizontal line and 2/3 in vertical line at the tip of the red pencil, reason being from the background knowledge I have that the color red travels the furthest, and I hoped that would bring out the red in midst of all the other colors.
This one I took for the glow theme. I had some glow sticks that I knew could be used perfectly for this theme and I ended up placing the focus mainly at the top right where the 2/3 in vertical line and the 1/3 in horizontal line intersect.
I took this one for the pattern theme and, as you can see, it's a simple wall pattern, and I just closed in on one part of the wall. I also tried applying rule of thirds to this by trying to put some of the spots going through rows in each of the grid intersections.
I took this one for the doorway theme, and purposefully put the different butterfly stickers in as if to say that you can fly above wherever. The rule of thirds is also being put to use with two of the stickers at the intersection of the 2/3 in vertical line with both the horizontal lines.
For this one, I simply did a landscape shot where the dirt in the distance is aligned with the 1/3 in horizontal line, although I did also get the lamppost at the 2/3 in vertical line where the top of it is also at the intersection of the 1/3 in horizontal and 2/3 in vertical line.
Afterwards, I started doing my own theme where I linked this one with dreams, though it could also be put with peace since it's a sense of peace of mind. For the rule of thirds here, I got the intersection of the 1/3 in horizontal line and the 2/3 in vertical line at the center of the dream catcher.
The theme for this one was glimmer, mainly from the gem in the center of the flower, but also the fact that flowers essentially give off this beauty of glimmer in their own nature. The gem is placed at the intersection of the 1/3 in vertical line and the 2/3 in horizontal line.
The last one I took was of a bird who chose to make her nest at my window during the break. At first she only came to her nest in the mornings so I got up nice and early so I wouldn't miss her. This one was for another theme I fit in which was nature. I had the rule of thirds where the 2/3 in horizontal line and the 1/3 in vertical line intersect just to get the bird at that point, but I was aiming more for her eye. I was also going to add more of the background to make this contrast of nature and sort of industry, but I figured it would be better to experiment with in another time since it was being proven to be distracting.

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