The Outward Journey 1st - 4th March 2020

Outward Journey 1st-4th March 2020

Sunday morning of 1st March was spent loading the car with all our stuff that we would be needing on our holidays, including golf clubs and our cycles. This year I decided to take along my inversion table to help with my back. So it was dismantled and duly put into the car. We had a cover made for the cycles to help protect them from the elements.

The cycles have been well protected

I was pleased that I fitted additional straps as the drive down was very windy and they helped no end.

Our drive down to Portsmouth was rather uneventful. No rain and not too windy. We stopped off like last year at Tothill Services on the A34. Starbucks was closed so we had to go into McDonald’s for a coffee instead.

As we left later this year, we did not have as long to wait at Portsmouth Ferry Terminal and was soon boarded onto the ferry. We however had to wait in the corridor, as the rooms had not been cleaned as the incoming ferry came in very late. When we were eventually allowed into our room, it was to straight to bed as it was nearly midnight.

Monday was spent lazing around with not much to do, coffees, lunch, a couple of drinks, dinner and bed as we had an early start on Tuesday morning.

Everything went well and we arrived at our hotel in Ocaña just after 2.00pm. It rained most of the way down and the temperature left a lot to be desired ranging between 5c and 9c. Got a bit warmer when we reached Ocaña about 13c but cold and windy. Hoping for warmer times when we get to Almuñécar tomorrow.

We took a short stroll into the centre of the town. Not a great deal and very little atmosphere. Perhaps as it was still siesta time that things will liven up later

The centre of Ocaña

In the evening we went out next door and had a very good Chinese meal at a very reasonable price. To say that there were a lot of people eating in the restaurant will be an understatement!

The full Chinese restaurant!

An early start on Wednesday morning after a continental breakfast. We had a 425km drive to the Costa Tropical. A couple of brief stops for coffee and petrol and one for lunch before we arrived at Salobreña. We stopped off to visit, Gordon Priestley, a friend of ours that we hadn’t seen for very many years. We were very good friends with the Priestley’s when we live in Dubai back in the late 1970’s. Gordon has a beautiful house overlooking the Mediterranean Sea with a lovely swimming pool.

It was great catching up with his news and meeting his son Calum. He gave us a run down on the area.

We had to leave for Almuñécar as we were meeting the owner of the property that we are staying in to get the keys and to be shown around. She never spoke a word of English which was good fun. A bit of translation with her daughter via the iPhone.

Almuñécar - the blue flag is where we are staying

We offloaded the car and unpacked before going down to the local supermarket for our first shop. Pizza in the microwave washed down with Gin for Ann and a Scotch for me and then to bed.

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