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not sure how to implement the newer science of fascia, biotensegrity, neuroscience and trauma informed care into your practice?



Come discover relational anatomy in a more functional and integrative way

Are you recognizing that physical symptoms and postural patterns are often reflective of the mind and the stories we tell ourselves?


integrate the whole person-both mind and body into your practice

You asked for It-we answered!

our popular Tensegrity Medicine program is now online!

what is tensegrity medicine™?

The Tensegrity Medicine methodology incorporates the latest information from the fields of biotensegrity, connective tissue research, neuroscience, trauma informed care, systems theory, and psychoneuroimmunology.

It emphasizes a comprehensive bodymind assessment as a basis for treatment and measurable objective goals.

The lens of viewing and treatment is three dimensional and holistic, involving the whole person as a means to get to root causes of global tension patterns and dysfunction.

Tensegrity Medicine treatment involves hands-on light touch techniques and customized movement integration to support new learning and pattern integration.

Therapy is reinforced with dialoguing around beliefs, emotions, perceptions which affect the physical structure.

The approach is dependent upon the clinician observing and being present to their own patterns while creating a safe, loving, compassionate place for healing.

connecting the pieces

What will this training be like?

  • Learn from your own home through live (but recorded for later viewing) webinars, presentations and teleconferences.
  • Absorb the content at your own pace.
  • Watch and review the training information as many times as you may need.
  • Ask questions, share content, share clinical questions on a private discussion forum.
  • Learn about the new and emerging science of relational anatomy, biotensegrity, bodymind medicine, connective tissue, systems theory, pain science, trauma informed care.
  • Master biotensegrity based postural and functional movement assessments.
  • Apply new innovative and scientifically informed light touch techniques which you can apply to your existing or new practice.
  • Integrate novel morphogenic changes of the whole person into lifestyle habits and long term ways of being.
  • Explore and implement dialoguing and curiosity questions into your therapy sessions to facilitate long term change in global patterns.
  • Increase awareness of your way of being in sessions to facilitate the greatest outcome of expansion and expression for your client.

“All structures, properly understood, from the solar system to the atom, are tensegrity structures. Universe is omnitensional integrity.” – Buckminster Fuller

learning how to connect authentically to make a difference

HOw is this different From Other Bodywork Training?

In the Tensegrity Medicine training, we start the training by educating ourselves about the physical form, how to identify patterns, how to interview, getting to understand the person in front of our eyes. Not from a superficial or even just a physical level, but from the layers and veils that may be blocking them from existing in their own magnificence.

We then learn assessments that help tap into those subtle and sometime not so subtle signs that are showing us the cracks/clues to the incongruity or polarities that may exist within the organism.

We learn skillful means such as light touch strategies, curiosity questions, or dialoging of parts to help the individual identify and see for themselves the stagnation patterns that are present and limiting optimal functioning.

Those patterns that were created as ways to ‘protect’ and create safety, are often outdated and are no longer serving the individual. Lifestyle training thus empowers the client to integrate another way. Patterns and habits which are more congruent with their unique expression and gifts.

This therapeutic goal of assisting our clients to embrace authentic living through one's real purpose is done by practicing within a bodymind based practice. The priority of operating from and through a heart centered home, instead of reacting from our own personality, perspectives, perceptions and reactions.


Training Format


Level one & Two training Format:

  • Weekly and monthly live webinars which are recorded for later and/or repeated viewing
  • Monthly recorded presentations
  • Monthly teleconferences with Q&A
  • Access to private discussion forum for ongoing sharing of ideas, discussions, recommendations, questions and answers, clinical concerns and assistance.
  • Tensegrity Medicine book club
  • Tensegrity Medicine journal club


  • biotensegrity as the basic biologic principle in assessment and treatment
  • system theory and multiplicity and how it relates to the inner and outer ecosystem of the body
  • relational anatomy: understanding micro, macro, meso concepts of fractals, holons
  • morphogenic patterns and embryology
  • pain and the brain: top-down and bottom-up approaches
  • bodymind mirroring and trauma informed care
  • biotensegral assessment and postural screening
  • adapted functional movement screening
  • orthopedic and neurologic evaluation adapted with relational approach
  • holistic evaluation of the bodymind system
  • hands-on light touch techniques: practical application of techniques
  • introduction to bodymind dialoguing
  • exploration various dialoguing methods and systems
  • self inquiry and the therapeutic use of self
  • movement exploration and three dimensional functional integration
  • lifestyle retraining-home exercises: how to solidify and integrate new postural patterns

Level one: 150+ hours of combined instruction, self study, hands-on practice


Level Two

  • Go deeper with clients and yourself. This training revolves around exploration of you as a practitioner: your beliefs, your emotions, how you show up in your sessions and in relationships. As you go deeper into your own morphogenic patterns, you learn how to work more meaningfully with your own clients.
  • Advanced hands on learning-additional light touch techniques
  • Advanced evaluation strategies-biotensegral, orthopaedic, and neurologic assessments
  • Exploration breathwork
  • Advanced dialoguing training
  • Client clinics
  • Tensegrity Medicine Journal Club

Level two: 150+ hours of combined instruction, self study, hands on practice

Level Three

Teacher training: Hours and details TBA

Who am I?

I have trained as an Occupational Therapist, Certified Hand Therapist, Board Certified Structural Integrator, Massage Therapist, and Holistic Health Counselor.

I serve as a facilitator to create community. As a teacher, I am here to share a methodology that incorporates the whole person into your clinical practice.

I know that I still have much to learn. I study everyday and attempt to bring new and emerging information into my trainings.

I am here to share with you what I have learned along my path, how I integrate my own personal, heart-led journey in my professional and personal life.

I am here to teach practitioners about the bodymind continuity as well as to create a community where we can support each other in our own bodymind balance.

I am here to share resources that I have synthesized into a structural clinical framework. This methodology allows complex concepts to be implemented into a fulfilling clinical practice where true transformational change can occur.

What is wanting to push through?


The clinician who loves anatomy, wants to stay current in the latest concepts around fascia, the body, the nervous system, trauma informed care, and bodymind integration.

For those movement or manual therapists new to the concepts of Tensegrity Medicine or those who have experienced some basic training in this model.

Those interested in cultivating personal skills in expanding their way of being in themselves and in relation to others.

Individuals interested in learning how to live more authentically with their true calling and assisting others in doing the same.

Health care practitioners interested in moving beyond traditional training. We will be exploring what it means to be human, live in these bodies. We will see how the mind influences the body, and how the body influences the mind.

Those willing to dive deeper into their own personal journey to enrich their lives and to use their personal exploration to inform their practice and how they approach their clients.

Those seeking a like minded community, willing to ask for, receive from, and provide support to others in a safe, supportive, enriching group.

The individual who is willing to dive deep into what their greater purpose is in the world and maintain the commitment to do whatever it takes to live more authentically in their ‘new expanded way of being’.


HERE IS WHAT PREVIOUS STUDENTS HAVE SAid about the mentorship program

If you are at all curious of how to bridge what modern medicine has dissected apart, be prepared to gain the understanding that what is present in the part is present in the whole, and not only will you be able to understand it, you will also learn how to articulate it, as well as how to include it into your day to day clinical documentation'.

'Kelly is amazing! She is the most patient teacher I have ever had and caters to all learning styles. She highlights every one of her student's gifts and creates a safe space for her and all her students to learn from each other. I highly recommend the Tensegrity Medicine Mentorship and am honored to be a Tensegrity Medicine practitioner'!

'Coming into this course with no background in biotensegrity, bowen, structural integration, or much hands on experience , I was searching for something more to add to my tool box. What I got from this course was a transformation in my way of being in the world and a loving community to support me. I also look at patients from a whole new lens of Tensegrity Medicine which have shown increased results with my clients in my private practice'.

'It’s an honor to be in a course with like-minded practitioners, coming together in a beautifully guided, supported and non-judgmental way".

'This was a truly phenomenal program! It provided practitioners of all kinds the ability to explore a truly unique and effective approach to bodywork. The skills and session framework provided in this program prepares the students to facilitate the holistic optimization of one's health, on one's own terms. The thorough focus on assessment was also truly refreshing, as it gave a clear direction for treatment'.

'My private massage therapy practice has transformed with the Tensegrity Medicine model and forever changed how not only I but, every single client looks at their bodies as a community of movement and/or restrictions. The model of only treating the isolated area hurting and in pain can no longer be accepted by either'.

'The most fantastically mind-blowing, yet applicable, whole body system of treatment I have experienced so far. I use what I learned in this course every day in my practice'.

'This training was transformative on so many level. It showed me how to look at the body from a truly holistic perspective: The importance of movement retraining, and the part that our thought processes play in our health'.

'Kelly's teaching style is refreshing given her vast knowledge base. She knows the material inside and out. She is able to present in a cogent manner that facilitates curiosity, self-examination, and critical thinking. She guided us through this course with compassion, humility, and grace. I am very grateful to have been a part of this work'.

'Best decision I have ever made for myself and best investment of time and money I have done. Has given me much more confidence in myself in being able to help people with a wide range of conditions'.

'Tensegrity Medicine is the way healthcare should be structured'!

Connect as a community


Begins September 29, 2020



Easy to use learning platform (all directions for access to be supplied after registration)

How long?

Level One: 1 year commitment

Level Two: 1 year commitment

Level Three: TBA

How much time is needed?

Expect to commit to @ 3 hours a week either accessing a live webinar which will also be recorded, a recorded presentation, a teleconference for Q&A, reading recommended books and research articles, or studying specific recorded hands on techniques. More time, of course can be dedicated to the work.


Level One: $3,500

Level Two: $3,500

Level Three: TBA

Payments can be made in full or on a monthly payment plan option. Specific payment arrangements can be made on an as needed basis.

More questions?

Feel free to contact Kelly for questions about this exciting unique opportunity. You can reach her at kelly@tensegritymedicine.com

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