A Life Worth Living My adventures in MINIMALISM and traveling THE COUNTRY

The last few days have been very interesting in terms of interacting with people about my trip. There have been a variety of responses that have prompted me to think about life a bit more.

Books for my journey to find myself

In general, most people have reacted with excitement and a hint of jealousy they say. This is followed by a description of how they wish they could do something of the sort, but the pressures of society to live a certain way and have a family keep them from it.

This journey has in no way been easy and the closer I get to leaving for my trip the harder reality seems to become.

When I was a kid, I had a dream of getting away from Nebraska. I was going to head out to Oregon for school and use that as my launching point to get away. Fear set in during my final semester of high school and I changed my mind. I ended up just going to school in Nebraska and learned to seek out comfort and stability.

This continued even in the last few years with some slight adjustments. My ex long had a dream of heading out to Washington D.C. to make a difference in the world. After much convincing on her part, I fell in love with the idea of D.C. While this was a big change for me, it still carried the comfort of having a support system at my side.

My dog Erebus

That dream of D.C. carried through our separation because of the comfort I had already gained in it. As this past year has gone on, I found a new support system in my friends and adventure companions. It allowed me to step outside of my box in a safe and rewarding way.

This brings me to my current trip. Life has brought about some drastic changes to my level of comfort and support and seems to be pushing me in a direction to explore life on my own some more.

I have had the fortune of meeting and making some wonderful friends within the environmental community on my campus. I have also had the pleasure of meeting many people from Standing Rock who set an example of a nomadic lifestyle.

Through all of these interactions I have learned to be an activist, organizer, lobbyist, and a very amateur guy with a camera.

On this journey before me, I hope to explore more of who I am at the core. Something very steady, but easily hidden by the influence of others. I look forward to meeting and learning about the lives of individuals I come across on this random and crazy path. I'm excited to learn about dumpster diving and living as a nomad.

Most of all, I am excited to prove to myself that I can have the life I want without requiring the comfort of a constant support system to fall back on.

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