Jurassic world Activities

Travel to the top of a mountain and look for miles when the go in the gondola lift.

Walk forever in a forest full of bamboo, you might even see a raptor.If you are lucky enough you might get a piece of the stunning forest.

Come to the golf course and see if you can beat the triceratops, he holds the title, three holes in one, Do not hit the ball into the water because the mosasaurs will have it for brunch.

Stop gaping at the ankylosaurs and walk through our exotic botanical gardens.

Be face to face with our ichthyosaurs at the under-water observatory . Don't forget the feeding time for it is 12PM - 12:30PM and 6PM-6:30PM .

Go down our three-story slide , strait into the pool and splash around like a T-Rex trying to swim in our aquatic park.

Spin until you crack like a egg on the egg spinner ,which was created by our founder him self.

Fly through our aviary like a pteranodons it will be a experience of a life-time.

Watch our science create Dino egg and step -by-step learn our scientific ways in the creation lab.

Grab a bite at the best ice cream place in the world, which is Ben and jerry's.

Created by tom simons and jaiden hoyer most pictures are from Jurassic world web-site.

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