Scripture Cake Gabby Martinez

For this project I wanted to choose a dish that was more of a dessert or baking item. Keeping this in mind it led me to choose a dessert called scripture cake. This cake can also be referred to as bible cake, old testament cake or even oar and anchor scripture cake. This cake was most popular in the 19th century but especially in the Southern Appalachians. This recipe dates back all the way to the “Atlanta Constitution” in 1897 but it is believed versions of the recipe have been around since the late 1700’s in Ireland and England. It is also believed that it was a favorite cake of Dolly Madison, the wife of President James Madison. The purpose of this cake was to teach girls baking and bible verses. This is a fun way to incorporate Christianity into everyday lives and shows its importance by using bible verses as part of the recipe.

For this recipe I don’t anticipate and problems because I have baked cakes and other desserts in the past. It seems fairly easy once you have all your ingredients to mix and then put in the oven to enjoy later. This recipe calls for; butter, sugar, eggs, flour, salt, baking powder, cinnamon, milk, almonds, raison and some spices. After mixing all the ingredients together you put the mixture on a greased pan and but it in the oven at 325 degrees for about an hour and 10 minutes. When finished with that you let it cool you drizzle “burnt jeremiah syrup” as well as whole almonds. When all is finished you are left with a delicious dessert to enjoy with family, friends or maybe even people in your parish. I was drawn to this cake because I love sweets and I actually do enjoy baking so, once I saw a delicious cake like scripture cake, I knew I would want to try to make it for this project. I also was drawn to the meaning behind the cake and how it was used as a tool to teach others about their certain religion this one being Christianity. I am also very excited to bake something and enjoy later with my friends.

This cake is religious because of the bible verses used in the ingredients, making an effort for those who bake the cake to also learn about Christianity. This cakes primary purpose as I said before, was to teach young girls how to bake, but to also learn scripture and the meaning of religion and specifically Christianity. Christianity is a religion based on the teachings of Jesus and also his beliefs and practices. That being said I do believe this cake is religious because it is all about the bible scriptures and the cake itself is helping teach the practice of the religion Christianity. It is a very unique and cool way to teach especially young children because it is a fun way to learn and to keep them interested. Overall I am very excited to create a cake that resembles the significance of religion and helps teach the youth in a fun, creative way.


The History Behind Scripture Cake

Scripture Cake is a delicious dessert that was used to teach baking as well as bible verses. The recipe itself can date back all the way to the Atlanta Constitution in 1897. However, this baking item was most popular in the 19th century, but especially in the Southern Appalachians. Scripture cake can also be known as bible cake, scriptural cake, and testament cake. It is a sweet and tasty dish that tests your knowledge of the bible. It was a great way to get young ladies to learn both their religion and how to bake. This cake has a lot of great and interesting history behind it.

This new fun way was used to incorporate Christianity into everyday lives and showed its importance by using bible verses as part of the recipe. Also, as women moved westward across America, this recipe went with them as a small greatly cherished remembrance from "back home." From this perspective you can see how much this recipe was highly viewed back in the early 1900’s. The element and principle of individual well-being can be linked with this because this cake is creating a more independent as well as knowledgeable and structurable person. It has caused that person to grow closer to Christianity as well as family. This dessert has brought families closer as well when all make it and go along with learning the bible verses.

This cake was viewed as religious because of the bible verses used in the ingredients, helping people who bake the cake to also learn about Christianity. This cakes primary purpose as I mentioned before, was to teach young girls how to bake, but to also learn scripture and the meaning of religion and specifically Christianity. Christianity is a religion based on the teachings of Jesus and also his beliefs and practices. The use of baking and learning is a very unique and cool way to teach, especially young children, because it is a fun way to learn and to keep them interested.

The principle social justice can also be related to this baking item. You are able to relate this by looking at the way this cake is motivating you to become more of an accountable individual who is also creating future opportunities in the religion or church. That being said, you can also see a lot of connection with the principle environmental justice as well. This can be seen in the cake, simply bringing people together. No one is discriminated or demeaned in any way. Scripture cake is just used to help people grow closer to their friends and family by baking, while they are also growing closer to God and the religion of Christianity.

Another principle that scripture cake can closely connect to is religious freedom. It can connect to religious freedom because it is people practicing and teaching their religion. It is a great way to express your love and worship to God also, while learning to bake or just simply growing closer to someone by baking together. You can see this dessert item shows its importance by being able to closely relate with these principles.

Scripture cake has evolved over the years in many different ways. One way we start to see this is back in the early 1900’s their wasn’t a translated guided to the recipe. You had to really know your bible verses well or else the cake wouldn’t be all the enjoyable of course, but as time went on people started to be less strict and disciplined. You are able to notice this by recipes now of this cake mostly all have the translated version and it is treated as a fun trivia game. This is not to say that people didn’t have fun making this item back in the early 1900’s but, they might have been just a bit more strict and would have high expectations, especially for mothers to their daughters. That might be the only difference in scripture cake from then to now besides it being more popular of use as well in the 1900’s. It is an item that has had lots of value resulting in little change over time.

In scripture cake, the recipe calls for; butter, sugar, eggs, flour, salt, baking powder, cinnamon, milk, almonds, raison and some spices. However, all of these ingredients would be bible verses instead, so that it why you may have to learn and read the bible. After mixing all the ingredients you throw it in the oven and bake to share. When finished with the baking part you then can share and feel closer with friends and family as you all can feel closer to God and the religion of Christianity. It is a very delicious and special way to connect with each other in a spiritual way.

Taking a look back we can see everything scripture cake has to offer from then and until now. We are able to see the primary reasons for the cake itself and the purpose of teaching and achieving the feeling of being closer to the church and followers of the church. We are also able to see the important principles that are closely aligned with scripture cake and its meaning behind it. Scripture cake till this day still has the same purpose and meaning and that is something that will always stay and be a tradition for many. Overall, we were able to see the impact of how scripture cake has changed and developed into what it is today. Scripture cake serves a great purpose and will continue its meaning of bringing friends and family together while they all are feeling closer to Christianity and the bible.

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The finished product!

Kitchen Time

Making my dish for this cookbook project was all kinds of fun. First I gathered all of my ingredients with some of my friends on my softball team. The ingredients included, butter, sugar, spices, salt, eggs, flour, and baking powder. During the making we didn’t really talk about scripture because my friend and I weren’t all too familiar with the verses with the bible but baking this cake definitely made us think more in depth about the verses and scripture itself. When we collected all of these items needed we began to start to bake the dish in the kitchen in our dorm. I had a great time being silly and making the cake with my friends.

The first thing we did was put all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and begin to create the cake batter. Next, we poured the batter into the pan and put it in the oven to bake for an hour at 375 degrees and let cool. After all of this was complete we were able to enjoy some delicious cake. My dish turned out great and created some fun memories with some very fun people. This cake tasted amazing, it was full of flavor, loved the cinnamon and almonds the most. The smell of the cake when we took it out is still in our noses because of how truly amazing it smelt, we were quite pleased of how it turned out and I might just have to bake it again for my family to try! All in all this was a very fun experience and a great way to think about just how religion and food go hand in hand. Scripture cake is a fun and exciting way to learn how to bake and connect with bible verses and I would recommend this recipe and idea to anyone interested!

Indigestion Essay

Throughout my research of a certain dish called “scripture cake” I have learned a lot about the four major themes we have for this class that include, well-being, social justice, environmental justice, and religious freedom. These themes have helped me along the way understand and identify how religion and food directly correspond with each other. The themes have also made it easier for me to understand how might some people could very easily disagree with the ethical viability of this dish.

The first theme I am going to address is well-being. My dish scripture cake, relates well with the theme well-being. I think these go hand in hand because this dish was created to help young girls learn both baking and bible verses and different stories. This dish supported the well-being of young girls and how they are able to enjoy something fun, while still being educated about their religion and the Bible itself. Some could see this now and disagree and might thing it is sexist, since Christian Ethics only mentions young girls used this dish to learn to bake. However, this dish is very old and things were a lot different back then and gender roles were huge and changed rarely. As a concrete example from Christian Ethics, this dish can go against those original beliefs and explain that anyone can learn to bake and use their religion while doing so. The idea of this cake as good intentions and I think it mostly goes together with our theme of well-being.

The next theme is social justice, which is how human rights are distributed into the everyday lives of society. This can relate to my dish by creating the opportunity for young girls to be able to bake and learn more and more about their religion. However, one disagreement could be that they aren't giving these young girls much of a choice. A lot of young girls would rather be outside enjoying the day with friends and not being forced to learn about baking and religion. This disagreement can also be on sexism and how the young girls are forced into a female stereotypical role. Social justice conflicts a lot with this dish based on how our society is now and how gender roles have changed over the years.

Next is environmental justice, which is the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, or income with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies. This theme conflicts heavily with my dish, scripture cake. In many ways people could see conflict with this theme because of the way this dish was brought up and intended for. Back when this cake and idea of the ingredients being bible verses was created it was more for woman and specifically white woman. As I mentioned before, this was a much different time but still can raise question if we should still use this recipe that is now might be considered sexist as well as racist. However, this dish does not conflict with the environmental laws and regulations of any kind but it does conflict with the moral side of all of that.

My last theme I am going to discuss is religious freedom. Religious freedom is a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or community, in public or private, to religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship, and observance. It also includes the freedom to change one’s religion or beliefs. This theme directly is able to conflict with the dish called scripture cake in many ways. The first way is this is cake that is used to teach about the bible and religion through the ingredients that are written in bible verses. Many people could disagree with this now but religious freedom helps keep this idea going as long as possible because people are now able to practice and teach what they believe. This can also cause conflict because it really isn't creating a choice of whoever is making this dish, they have to know the particular religion of Christianity and the Bible. Some could disagree with that and say there needs to be an alternative for people who don’t practice Christianity or practice another religion.

In many ways we are able to see these themes come together to support this dish and what it stands for as well as ways it conflicts. However, a lot comes from when this dish was made and the time period. Today, we live in a much more free and independent world that can cause us to change the way we think about religion and how it corresponds with food.

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Just Dessert Final Reflection

Throughout this process of making a dish and finding the value and meaning behind it has taught me a lot, specifically about the relationship between religion and food. These two concepts truly go hand in hand and have been there throughout the beginning of time. This dish taught me more about the religion of Christianity and how it has evolved over time. This dish was originally made for young girls so they could learn a useful skill such as baking while practicing their religion. This is a great concept and the dish has evolved into anyone can learn the useful skill of baking while learning more and understanding the Bible.

This dish also taught me how food had so much meaning and still does but today, we might take it for granted. If this dish was entirely new to me I think I would find it a little bland and would prefer a dessert that is more sweet and or fattening. This says a lot about how food overall has changed overtime, we mainly just think about taste now instead of nutrients and thinking about how blessed we are to be able to receive this food. This is one of the many things we may take for granted these days. It may seem small but in reality food is a vital part of human life and is used to keep you going and essentially give meaning to yourself. Of course it is great to have something so tasty, however we must start to think about how this food got here and what it is doing to contribute to our bodies.

Lastly, this dish, Scripture Cake has so much religion behind it. You are able to see each ingredient used and how it translates to Bible verses. This also makes you start to think about how religion is the reason for this food today and without the people before us that listened and followed Jesus teachings we would not be here. By learning about this dish and being able to make it, it has not only taught me a useful skill of baking but caused me to also think just how religion has shaped who we all are in some way. This dish has caused me to think about the other foods I eat and the religious meaning behind them. These are all things we can start to think about and help us not take the small things for granted because they are often the most important and meaningful.


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