Week of June 30th

Support Local & Save

Sabor - $30 Family Box - Each box contains: ⁠6 Flour Tortillas, 12 Corn Tortillas, 2 Protein Choices - 8oz.⁠ 1 Premium Protein Choice - 8 oz.⁠ XL Choice of Rice - 16oz. ⁠XL Choice of Beans -16oz. ⁠L Queso, Pico or Guacamole - 8oz. L, Choice of Salsa - 8oz. ⁠XXL Chips.

Pinhouse - $0.75 per oz Sangria Sunday! They also have a fruit bar on-site where you can create your own perfect custom Sangria!

Paper Sky Scraper - Masks starting at $4.95

Paper Plane Deli & Market - 15% off wine bottles on Sunday

Southbound - Taco Stand now open on Monday & Tuesday.

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Things to Do

Grab a Lavender Fields Latte from Undercurrent.

We captured this from their Instgram and can't wait to try one!

We take pride in our syrups being house-made and it makes them even more special being able to go to the source and see the love & care that is put into growing these beautiful, delicious plants.

Our Lavender Fields Latte launches on Monday! Huge thanks to Allie for hosting us yesterday, letting us source through her family’s farm and bringing us the best quality lavender around!

Plan to join these weekly self care calls with Amplify and Active CLT

Amplify and Activate Official - Interactive, Inquiry-based, Learning community living at the intersection of Yoga, Self-Care, and Social Justice.

Self Care Matters Support Groups are revolutionary! ✊🏾 The purpose of this group is to sustain and/or upgrade your Self Care strategies. Self Care Matters is a community led effort. Connect with a Self Care Buddy ❤ Every Sunday in July at 5pm to 6pm.

Open to all. No requirements. A simple place to land and for you to focus on you!

Zoom meeting ID 990 2173 3543

Check out Camp North End

We love this user's guide that Paige Hopkins with the Charlotte Agenda created.

She gives you all the details of each tenant, current events that are happening along with a checklist of how to spend a day!

Thank you PEPPERBOX DOUGHNUTS for supporting our Healthcare Workers.

Healthcare workers are able to stop by to be treated to a doughnut of their choice, small coffee, and a retail bag of Jags Head Coffee. (Employee ID required)

Follow along on their Instagram for additional details.


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