Uranus The blue planet

The diameter or size - The diameter and size of Uranus is about 31,500 miles(50,724 kilometers) at the equator. Uranus is the third largest planet i the solar system.


The rotation or revolution - The rotation of Uranus is slightly elliptical, or oval-shaped, orbit.

Uranus and Earth

Average distance from the Sun - The average distance from the Sun of about 1,783,744,300 miles (2,870,658,186 kilometers)

Solar system

Origin of the planets name - The origin of the planet's name is this unusual object soon proved to be a planet, the first to be identified in modern times. It was later named Uranus.

Average surface temperature - The average surface temperature is − 357°F (-216°C).

Interesting Fact #1 - The length of a day on Uranus is 17.9 Earth hours.

Interesting Fact #2 - The length of a year on Uranus is 84 Earth years.

Interesting Fact #3 - There are 27 known Moon’s on Uranus.

Interesting Fact #4 - The position from the sun in orbit is Eighth on Uranus.


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