Hercules By Jared and nolan

The Nemean Lion was a beast with an impenetrable pelt and Hercules killed it by closing off the entrance and then strangling the lion. Pic: danwiki.com Info:mythweb.com
A many headed monster who's one head got chopped off two replaced it. The hydra is related to the Cerberus, the Chimaera, and lived in the swamps of Lerna. Hercules used flaming arrows to bring it out of it's lair. He eventually called on his nephew Iolaus, and told him to cauterize the neck after a head was chopped off. When the final he was chopped off the monster died. Info: Mythweb.com Pic: Writerscafe.org
The Cerynitian hind was a doe with golden horns. The hind was very fast and sacred to Artemis so he couldn't hurt it. Hercules fired and arrow between the tendons and bones of the two forelegs and the the Hind was captured.Pic: Pinterest.com Info: Packet
The Erymanthian Boar was an enormous boar which Hercules had to hunt and bring back alive. He did this by chasing it into a snow bank on Mount Erymanthus. Info from packet. Picture from Pinterest
Hercules had to clean out the stables of Augeas in one day. Augeas had lots of cattle which deposited manure so much over the years that the thick smell hung over the entire Peloponnesus. Hercules did this by diverting two rivers through the stables but he couldn't count it as a labor because he asked for a payment. Info Packet Pic from traditioninaction.org.
Stymphalian Birds lived in a marsh near Lake Stymphalus. Hercules killed the birds by making a racket with castanets and started shooting them when they started flying. Info from packet Pic from mrpsmythopedia.com.
After Queen Pasiphae was forced to love a bull due to a vengeful god the minotaur was born. Her husband was eager to get rid of the bull who was tearing up the countryside. Although it spit out flames, he overpowered it and brought it to the mainlands. He let it go and it ended up near Athens where Theseus would come to deal with it later. Info from Packet pic from sites.google.com.
Hercules was to capture these flesh eating herd of horses that belonged to King Diomedes of Thrace. Hercules killed Diomedes and then fed him to the Mares. He then tamed them and brought them back to Eurystheus. Info from mythencyclopedia.com Pic from greekmythology.com.
Hercules had to go get the girdle from the Queen of the Amazons, Hippolyte. She agreed to give it to him but Hera interfered and told the Amazons that Hercules was there to kidnap their queen. Hercules then was attacked, killed Hippolyte, and took the girdle. Info from Mythencyclopedia.com Pic deviantart.com.
Hercules had to capture the Cattle of Geryon. Geryon was a monster that had three bodies from the waste down. Hercules killed Geryon his watch dog Orthrus, in what is now Spain. He took the cattle and brought them back to Eurystheus. Pic mythology wiki info mythencyclopedia.com.
Hercules had to take the golden apple from the Hesperides, a group of Nymphs who lived in the West. He asked Atlas for help because he was the Hesperides father. Hercules asked if he could hold up the sky while Atlas went to get the apple. Atlas got the apples but then he didn't take the sky back. Hercules asked Atlas to hold the sky up for a little while he put a pad on his shoulders. Atlas agreed, but the second Atlas started to hold the sky, Hercules took the apple and ran. Info from mythencyclopedia.com pic from greeklegendsandmyths.com.
For his last labor, Hercules had to bring up the guardian of the gates of hell, Cerberus. Hades agreed to let Hercules take Cerberus only if he defeated him with no weapons. Hercules agreed, it bit at him with all three heads, and he choked it into submission. Because of his trusty Nemean Lion skin cloak and skull helmet he was okay.

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