Final Exam Marina santos

Three Things I Learned in PhotoShop

  1. Adjusting hue and saturation on an image. The shortcut for this is Command+U.
  2. Using the Dodge and Burn tools to make someone/something appear to be actually in a place while doing the Surreal Room Tutorial.
  3. How to blur, which I learned from the Who Am I Project. To blur, go to Filters->Blur->Gaussian Blur.

What I learned in creating my print and collage

In creating my print I learned how to go with whatever happened as once I had carved I couldn't go back, I also learned how to be bold through that permanence. I also learned that it is very hard to carve eyes on linoleum and other small details and sometimes I shouldn't make it too complicated for myself.

When creating my collage I wanted to keep it pretty minimal, because most of my collages have too many elements. This simplicity made it better because I tried to use the rule of thirds so the eyes weren't bombarded which ended up working very well. It was fun to collage again!

Why it's important to have a portfolio that expresses personal beliefs

I think it's good to have a portfolio but incorporating one's personal beliefs into that is pretty irrelevant because in the end the artist will have no influence over the audience, which is a good thing. However, making art and NEVER expressing your personal beliefs isn't really possible so I think it's good to have art as that outlet. My personal beliefs represented in my piece are all pretty democratic such as the Obama print and the social commentary memes about health care and wealth distribution and LGBT rights. Also my collage represented my personal beliefs about women and goddesses because that is what I have seen in my personal life, but I think they are all pretty open to interpretation besides the memes.

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