The T.V. by: Lia

In this article you will learn about the T.V. Old fashioned T.V.'s and T.V.'s now. So lets get started!

around the top left corner there is a t.v.

Do you know when the color t.v. was invented? The color t.v. was made in 1928. And invented by Philo T. Farnsworth. Ifound this evidence at www. . Now you know when the colored t.v. was invented and who made it.

What did the first t.v. look like? The first t.v. was in a cabinet looking holder with two buttons on the right bottom corner with a air vent on the side. The first was pretty small. Do you like it?

This is one of the first T.V.'s ever made!

Where was the first t.v. invented? It was invented in Lousana. The first cartoon on the t.v. was The Flintstones. Now you where it was made and the first cartoon on it.

This is a person from the flinstones.

What was the date the first t.v. was made? It was invented in 1928. The color t.v. was invented in the 1940's. I don't know the specific date, 1940's.


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