Male Condoms By: Adan sandoval, and riley klick

There are many different types of condoms, some are lubricated and some aren't.

How do condoms work?

Condoms are a latex cover that is placed around a males penis to prevent pregnancy by holding sperm during intercourse.

Condoms can be used by the two genders, but this presentation is talking about male condoms, which can be used by any age of male.

Standard condom packages

To put on a condom.

  1. Check expiration date
  2. Remove condom
  3. Hold condom by small pouch at end
  4. Roll the sides over the erect penis until it can't go down more

It does not require a prescription, condoms are over the counter.

The average cost for one condom is about 1$ to 5$, depending on the brand and the special features of that condom.

Average effectiveness is 85%

Most of the time a condom is 100% effective but weak spots or mishandling of condoms can cause them to leak, break, or burst completely.

Pros and cons?

Every birth control method has its Pros and Cons.

Pros: prevents STI's, relatively easy to use and convenient, and is also very easy to find and obtain.

Cons: if the wearer has a latex allergy, it is not the most effective method of birth control, the latex might be too thick making it feel less pleasuring.

Additional Items

Some condoms can have lubrication as well as no lubrication. Very common condom brands are Trojan, Lifestyles, Durex, And Kimono brand condoms

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