Gotham city From batman

In January it rains about 1.645 inches amount of rain in the city of batman.

In February it rains about 4.350 inches.

In March it rains about 7.075 inches.

In April it rains about 9.800 inches of rain.

In May it rains about 12.525 inches.

In June it rains about 15.250 inches of rain.

In July it rains about 17.975 inches of rain.

In August it rains about 20.700 inches of rain.

In September it rains about 23.425 inches of rain.

In October it rains about 26.150 inches of rain.

In November it rains about 28.875 inches of rain.

In December it rains about 31.600 inches of rain.

The average amount of rain in the city of Batman is about 16.613 inches of rain in Gotham city.


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