Native Americans Teams and Schools. By ashley Licona

I do think teams and schools should be allowed to use Native Americans mascot.

They should be used because the tribes were the ones that started to form the U.S. In the text it says "Our team name captures the best of who we are and who we can be, by staying true to our history and honoring the deep, enduring, values our name represents" I choose this quote because they are stating their name represents who they are and they are wanting to keep the history going.

They should use be able to Native American tribe names because the Native Americans were leaders also. Another quote that supports this is "The washington redskins team, our fans and community have always believed our name represents honor, respect, and pride." I picked this quote because it's stating that their name is used to honor them and show their respect and pride. This shows they were leaders because they knew how to keep their team going and knew how to show respect.

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