Animator Krista Lopiccolo

Career Description: animators develop characters in a 2D or a 3D workspace in order to bring human attributes to life in a humanoid or non-human character. Animators may find their passion in movies, tv shows, or video games bringing motionless creations to life using various software.

Independent or group work: people in this field often work independently and as a team. This is because each animator has specific tasks to complete for a project and when combined with other animations from other animators or digital media workers on a project, the finished product can be seen. What you create is only one small piece of the puzzle

Education required: being an animator requires a college or apprenticeship education after high school( most being 3 years) as well as on the job experience and being able to easily prove your skills in order to successfully land a job in this exciting field.

Skills: creativity and imagination. drawing and modelling skills. communication and presentation skills. IT skills.

Average salary: $ 60, 000

Type of company/organization: movie studios ( Warner Brothers, Disney, Pixar), video game studios (Nintendo, Electronic Arts) etc.

Would I be interested in this career: as much as this career seems very interesting and very rewarding, I am not interested in this as a career as I personally don't think a career in the arts is for me.


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