365 Days • 3 Generations • 2 Families • 1 Sale 2018 Daigger-orr & baldridge-tiedeman female production sale

At the age of 11, John began to work summers for the Musser family west of Tryon, Nebraska where he met his future wife, Patricia. In 1969 they purchased the Avery ranch near Tryon. In 1974, they took over the Musser Ranch, of which they were both well acquainted. The Daiggers were progressive in their management of their herd of Angus-influenced commercial cattle. The jump to registered Angus cattle in the mid-1970s seemed to be a path of natural progression. They have built their herd with grit and passion for the Angus breed. This year their hard work was recognized when they received the 2018 Nebraska Angus producer of the year award.
John and Patricia Daigger
On Saturday, November 17, 2018 at the Lincoln County Fair grounds, the Daigger-Orr, Baldridge-Tiedeman, and Hadwiger-Woltemath families sold 160 elite females from the heart of their Angus and Red Angus herds. A successful sale takes days of preparation leading up to the big day. These ranches do a superior job by using all 365 days to plan. This hard work and dedication has led them to build top preforming herd genetics that they enjoy sharing with others at their production sale.
David is always looking ahead on how to breed their cows to produce high quality cattle that will fit his customers' opperations.
Like most ranches, Daigger-Orr Angus provides their herd with love and nurture. Featured is Ruth Orr guiding her youngest, Barrett, as he hand feeds the momma cows.


During the morning of the sale, the barn was filled with cattlemen and cattlewomen.
Customers viewed EPD information in the sale catalog while walking through the pens of heifers and cows.
Featured is David Orr answering questions about his herd.
During the morning and noon hour, customers received their bid numbers. These numbers are used to place a bid on the cows during the auction.
Bob Tiedeman cooked the most tender prime rib using Jim Baldridge's secret seasoning.
Patricia Daigger serves her infamous baked beans and Becky Tiedeman's tasty macaroni and cheese.
The Henry and Stearns family gathered for eating and socializing before the sale.
John Daigger spending time with ML Martin and Boyd Giegak.
Bob Tiedeman greeting John Tucker.
Bob, Beck, and Jake Tiedeman organizing before the sale.
John and David before the sale.
As the sale began, people gathered in the stands to prepare bidding on their top cow choices. Ring-men cried while the auctioneer accepted bids. Customers took notes in their catalog as the sale proceeded.
The ring-men took note of buyers during the sale.
John Daigger and Bob Tiedeman passing each other in the ring.
John Daigger and Bob Tiedeman working the in and out gates.
An elite cow standing patiently while bids are called.
Becky and Lindsay Tiedeman at the clerk table.
Cattlemen and cattlewomen checking out at the clerk table. Buyers are provided with a receipt and brand papers that give proof of ownership.
A big thank you to the ring-men, auctioneer and volunteers for making the 2018 sale a success.
Click the link below to find information on upcoming sales and Daigger-Orr Angus genetics.
The Baldridge-Tiedeman Angus ranch was chosen as the 2017 Nebraska Angus Producers of the year. Click the link below to find information on upcoming sales and Baldridge-Tiedeman Angus genetics.
There is a whisper of a new member to the Orr family.
"Over the Years we have seen a lot of changes in the cattle business: EPDs, Ultrasound, genomics, and so forth. There is one thing that hasn't changed and that is the ability and necessity to judge and evaluate cattle with the eye"-John Daigger
Ruth Orr and sister, Gladys Henry, feeling the kick of the next generation.
Featured from left to right are Barrett Orr (the youngest), Grant Orr, Jake Henry, Clay Orr, and Blaine Orr.

The Daigger-Orr and Baldridge-Tiedeman Angus ranches are headquaurted in the plains of North Platte, NE.

The Daigger-Orr Angus ranch raises many Red Angus Bulls each year that are sold in their annual bull sale every first Tuesday in April.
Their genetics includes dynamic Red Angus Bulls from leading AI sires.

Each year Daigger-Orr Angus raises many Black Angus Sires. Featured are their yearling bulls that will be sold in their 31st annual production sale on April 2, 2018.

Daigger-Orr Angus Bulls are bred for docility and carcass quality without sacrificing longevity and phenotypical genetic traits.
During the winter months, Henry Feedlot developes the Daigger-Orr bull battery with a high roughage diet.
"Once again, the steers and heifers from the Daigger-Orr herd are in our feed yard. Year after year these steers and heifers prove to be superior in perfomance, feed efficiency and carcass quality. This is proof that the good carcass genetics run deep in their herd." - Mike Henry, Henry Feedlot CEO

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