Volume 3, Number 10

Jeffry Booher, Editor In Chief

Photography can be a powerful instrument for change, and photojournalists can tell stories that make a difference―Brian Skerry


Jeffry Booher

October is the month when it all comes together―it's a big month for us. Joan returns from her annual sabbatical on Lake Michigan and she will want to start planning for the year end competition. The first meeting of the month will be a quarterly competition and, all things being equal, it really is anybody's game. Seriously, you just need to enter to be in the running. Next we have the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk and Makers Faire.

Finally we have an election of officers which, for the first time ever, will be done by committee and we wrap up the month with a hummingbird presentation by Richard Strobel.

There were a few more things on the calendar for October but we wanted to save some for next year...

● ● ●

The year is wrapping up so fast that it seems like it just began. Soon we will be calling for entries and the next thing you know we will be starting a brand new year. So I guess the underlying message of this month's Presidential Address is to start pulling your photos together for the end of the year. Think about what categories you want to enter and which photos are your best.

Once you've finished doing that, start thinking about your photography New Year's resolutions.

program news

eye in the sky

Swimmer's Eye by Jeff Booher

Well the final days are upon us. If you have yet to photograph your eyes for the quarterly competition then you really need to get on the ball as the competition takes place at the first meeting in October.

With only two quarters (that's a half, right?) down, the front-runners are Joyce and Rick with 7 and 8 points respectively. It's anyone's game at this point and, remember, you get points just for entering.


We are still working with the Park to finalize the details of the Makers Faire and the Scott Kelby Photowalk. More details will be provided at the meeting on October 3rd but things are looking good for us to go behind the scenes and have special access.

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and we're walking...


The 2018 World Wide Photowalk is filling up fast. We have a great program of night photography planned with light painted robots and luminescent structures. It is sure to be fun for the whole family but please leave the kids at home.

call to arms

We need all Darkroomers to sign up on the Kelby website―even if you do not plan to attend the walk. We need the walk to get filled. Even though we are drawing a big crowd between all the groups on Facebook, Meetup, and Darkroomers, the general public doesn't seem to find an evening stroll in the park to be a fun proposition. So we need you to go sign up and be stand-ins for those who are actually going but not signing up for some reason...

Years' Past Walks

● ● ●

sent packing

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Joshua Tree trip has been postponed until 2019. We are tentatively scheduling this for late March 2019 but this will undoubtedly be driven by weather, the programming committee and the incoming Director of Programs.

We are hoping winter storms will provide for some reflections at Barker Dam that we can photograph and hang above the fireplace.

● ● ●

Hummingbirds by Richard Strobel

October is a Five Wednesday month which means that we have 3 meetings. Our 5th Wednesday meeting this month will be Richard Strobel giving away his secrets to photographing hummingbirds.

Richard is a maven of the raven and is one of the leading hummingbird photogs in the club. If you like photographing hummingbirds or are fascinated by them, then you will want to come see this special Halloween presentation on, of all nights, Halloween night. Costume optional.

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scacc news


Time is running out on finding a replacement for Les Anderson, who will be resigning his post this month. Darkroomers needs people to stand up and step in. Be a hero!

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Greg Klamt

Our judge for October is Greg Klamt. Many of you raved about how pleased you were with Greg's critique from the March exhibition so Joan scheduled him again for October.

I combine creativity and technology to tell stories—and to help others tell theirs—by designing unique visual and interactive experiences, that help organizations and individuals engage, inform, inspire, and entertain their audiences

Greg is a mixed media artist and also enjoys performance art. He has been in several plays and musicals. His music can be found on Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.

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Jeff Booher

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