How are hicks percieved? Alex hart

Hick: A person who lives in the country, regarded as being unintelligent or provincial.

Here's what people said about hicks:

People think hicks are always driving trucks and fixing them once they're broken.
Their favorite type of music many people assume is country.
People assume that if you're a hick that you like hunting as an after school activity.
Many people think that hicks work in contracting or in a hands-on working environment. They also usually don't go to college and go straight to work after high school.
Many people who are percived as a "hick" wear camo and hunting clothes to school (this is why people look at them differently).

What do these accusations imply about hicks?

  • They're uneducated and don't care about school - don't get good grades.
  • They like wearing camo, hunting, and playing with guns.
  • They're in love with their trucks and doing burnouts in parking lots.
  • Their favorite music genre is country.
Most people wouldn't see a hick driving a really nice car - like this Mercedes Benz.
Hicks aren't known for taking AP classes and challenging themselves in school.

How am I perceived?

People perceive me as athletic because of the clothing I wear. Compared to other girls who wear jeans or leggings to school everyday. I find sweatpants much more comfortable.

I'm seen as an athlete because of what I post on social media and how I talk and act. The people I hang around with also play sports with is more of a reason why I'm labeled as an athlete.

The effect my label has on me?

  • I have a lot of pressure on me to be an outstanding athlete and perform my best every game.
  • People see me as cocky and lazy, since I'm a basketball player. Other think I don't do my homework and if I do it's lazy or I copied off other friends.
  • My social ranking is higher, which means more people know about everything I do. I need to keep a good reputation.
  • I need to be good at everything we do in gym.

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