LGA NEWS EDITION NO. 09 DATE: 17 January 2020


Welcome back to the new term, new year and new decade. Welcome also to our new format Newsletter. We hope that you enjoy the new approach - it certainly makes reading easier on mobile devices which we know is popular for many parents.

Last week we held a very successful Sixth Form Open evening which is now generating lots of applications for courses starting in September 2020. If you were not able to attend, there is information available in our Sixth Form prospectus and on the Academy website. Mr Darvall, our Head of Sixth Form is also on hand to answer any queries that you may have.

Please take some time to read our news - as always, there is a lot going on.

Happy New Year!

Jim Parker, Principal


The U14 Basketball Team played in in their first ever tournament in December. They performed brilliantly and finished as runners up! Well done to you all, a fantastic achievement.
The U14s Netball Team ended 2019 with a fantastic 28-4 win over Shenley Brook End! Players of the match were Kamsi and Blessing. Well done to you all, a great result!
Our Year 7 girls Football Team produced a masterclass performance in December, to beat Shenley Brook End 4-1. Fantastic result. Keep up the good work!



Lord Grey Academy is part of the local community and is set in a residential area where parking is extremely limited. This safety of our students attending the academy and all visitors, are our absolute priority. As we know, safe and considerate parking around schools is a nationwide issue.

Sadly, the parking around the Academy and residential areas has sometimes resulted in poor parking and the obstruction of pathways and neighbours driveways. We would ask that if you have to drive to the Academy, allow time to park safely and considerately and do not block entrances, driveways or junctions.

We thank you for your continued support.


A brief break from thinking about GCSEs - What do employers want as well as decent English and maths skills? They want what we call "employability skills" - also known as life skills, transferable skills, and so on.

These are the attributes that make you a great person to work with - which all the qualifications in the world can't guarantee. Employability skills include:
  • punctuality
  • team working
  • flexibility
  • reliability
  • leadership
  • willingness to learn
  • creativity
  • trustworthiness
  • adaptability
  • problem solving
  • communication
  • resilience and the list goes on.

Part time jobs and volunteering are great ways to learn these skills, but we also pick them up as we go through life. That student you can't stand in class? They are a great opportunity to learn how to deal with difficult situations and to de-escalate conflict. Head of House always on at you about your late marks? That's because an employer won't be anywhere near as tolerant as school. Sick of things always altering at the last minute? Welcome to the world: time to learn flexibility and resilience. Find out more here. You might also be interested in this very affordable online course on Financial Awareness, click here.

Co-ordinated by the National Apprenticeship Service, the ‘Look Beyond’ themed week will celebrate the diversity and value that apprenticeships bring to employers, apprentices and communities across England today. From highlighting the breadth of industries and roles available to the talent and energy apprentices bring into the workplace.

National Apprenticeship Week is a flagship moment in the calendar year for supporters and ambassadors of apprenticeships, uniting them and delivering consistent messages with strong collective impact. ‘Look Beyond’ will serve as a rallying cry for the apprenticeship community to showcase the true meaning of diversity within apprenticeships, including:

  • calling on young people to look beyond traditional routes into employment and explore the diversity of career options and industries now available to them through apprenticeships
  • calling on employers to look beyond traditional hiring routes and shout about the value they already see from diversifying their workforce by employing apprentices
  • calling on parents and teachers to look beyond old preconceptions around apprenticeships, building understanding of the true value they bring, and sharing this with young people.

National Apprenticeship Week is a time to recognise and applaud apprenticeship success stories across the country, extending the message to communities and audiences that are less familiar with the value and return on investment they bring. Apprentice employers will use the opportunity to promote their successful apprenticeship programmes to potential apprentices, parents and other employers. Whilst many current and former apprentices will go back to school to tell their progression stories, attracting the next generation of apprentices, so they too can fire up their future career.

Keith Smith, Director, Apprenticeships Group, ESFA added: "With National Apprenticeship Week now going into its thirteenth year, everyone behind and involved in it must also ‘Look Beyond’ and consider how and where we talk about apprenticeships, to ensure that we reach all corners and communities of the country with this important message.

Our ‘asks’ for the apprenticeship community this year will all reflect that ambition and we will share these ‘asks’ in due course. For now, I would like the many, many apprenticeship supporters – from ambassadors and apprentices to training providers and top employers – to get involved and start planning how they can help celebrate apprenticeships, during National Apprenticeship Week 2020."

Keep up to date with National Apprenticeship Week news by following @Apprenticeships on Twitter and National Apprenticeship Service on LinkedIn.


Many congratulations to Katie, Lorenz who raised £57 for ‘Centrepoint’. This is an amazing achievement for a well deserving cause. Mrs Bowen, Lorenz House


Leavers Hoodies

The online shop is now set-up for our Year 11 students to purchase their leavers hoodies, to celebrate their milestone after completing their GCSEs. These can be purchased directly from Waveprint, who have been supplying hoodies to Lord Grey Academy for a number of years. The online shop is now ready for you to start placing your orders. Click here to go to the online shop. If you have any questions or queries, please speak with Ms Dunn or Mrs Kirby, Enigma House.

YEAR 11 PROM - 'An Evening with the Stars'


Adolescence is a unique and developmental time. As parents we have difficulty figuring out what’s typical adolescent behaviour and at what point is it time to take the next step. Here’s a chart to guide you in answering that question.

SPANISH ambassadors in Year 9 preparing a lesson for their class. They are going to be great teachers!
The love of languages opens up a whole new world of possibilities.


Welcome back to all students and it is with great pride that Turing House start the new decade.

During the first two weeks of December 2019, Turing students took up the challenge to collect for the MK Food Bank. Students from all Houses donated and together Lord Grey Academy provided four loaded trollies on Thursday 19 December 2019.

There was a huge array given but with a real focus on 'things which make a difference', which included lots of delicious jams, biscuits and chocolates. MK Food Bank were absolutely delighted to receive these and whilst we were there we helped to distribute them into their various locations ready to be picked and parcelled up for the folk of Milton Keynes. The photographs show some of the donations and also Molly in Year 10, who was a fantastic Food Bank Ambassador.

Donations and contributions made a big difference. Thank you!

None of this would have been possible without YOUR help, so we wanted to say a ‘mahoosive’ thank you for all the help and contributions, Turing you made a big difference to hundreds of people over the festive season.

Going forward into 2020 we will have another charitable drive in the summer term and students have started to share their ideas and benefactors for their efforts.

Well done Lord Grey Academy and in particular to those who gave and made a difference. Here's to a healthy, happy and successful 2020, a new decade.

Princpal Star Awards

Congratulations to: Josh, L02; Jordan, T05; Louisa, T08; Constance, L10; Hollie, E17; Francesca, C05 who received a Bronze Star Badge. Kayden, L12 and Annabelle, C11 who received a Silver Star Badge. Alfie, L15 who received a Gold Star Badge. Pacific, C16 who received an Amethyst Star Badge. Well done to you all, and keep up the good work.


Year 8 students recently took part in a Religious Studies Workshop that also helped develop skills in learning areas such as; Humanities, Maths, Dance and Music. The students had some great things to say:

What did you like?

  • “All of it because it was physical and fun.”
  • “I liked where we performed.”
  • “I liked where we did the activities.”

Did you learn something?

  • “I learnt some new maths and action skills.”
  • “I learnt different beats to do with parts of your body.”

Do you want to do more?

  • “Yes to learn more thing such as different music beats and more maths questions to do with the war."
  • “Yes because it is fun.”
This event will provide information/opportunities for transition into Post-16 football. It will accommodate football at both elite and grass roots level, to football and education programme opportunities within Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. For further information or questions please email: information@mkdonsset.com


This is an app that might be useful to parents and those supporting young people with mental health issues. It is free to download and covers: anxiety, depression, self-harm, eating disorders, digital addiction and how to complete a safety plan. Each topic is divided into: What is...; what you have to do; things I can do in the moment; further help; look after myself and safety plan. Click here to download the free app.



  • Sixth Form Interview Week
  • Year 10 Pre-Public Exams


  • Half-Term Holidays
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