Found By: harlan coben

Author's name: Harlan Coben

Genre: Fiction

Biography of Author: Harlan Coben is a celebrated name in American contemporary fiction. He is famous for his thriller and mystery novels. His last seven novels consecutively stood number one on New York Times bestselling list.Harlan Coben is considered to be the first writer to receive all three awards. The Anthony Award, Shamus Award and Edgar Award. He also wrote a short story, The Key to my Father, upon request from the New York Times published in 2003.

The setting of Found: At a graveyard to see if his father was really dead and if his body was still in the coffin.

Plot Summary: It's been eight months since Mickey watched his father die in a car crash. Since then, he has been trying to find information on the mysterious Abeona Shelter, which is a shelter that rescues children and young people from dangerous situations. The latest person to go missing is Ema's online boyfriend. Mickey isn't convinced he exists, but Ema feels they need to look for him. Meanwhile, Mickey's enemy Troy has been taken off the basketball team after failing a steroid test. Troy isn't exactly Mickey's favorite person, but he knows the team won't play so well without him, so when Troy asks Mickey for help to prove his innocence, Mickey reluctantly agrees.

Main Characters and physical and nonphysical description: Mickey Bolitar is tall, black hair, brown eyes and he's very caring. He looks out for all his friends. Ema is short and big, she has that gothic look she wears only black and has lots of tatoos but deep down she is loving and very sensitive. Arthar is kinda tall with glasses. He's very smart people think he's the human encyclopedia. Rachel is tall beautiful and perfect she's the most popular girl in school. she's a really nice person and is friends with everyone.

Theme: The theme of the book is Mickey searching for the truth even though he fears it may not be what he wants to hear.

The Conflict: The conflict was that his father was secretly working for the Abonea Shelter and made someone mad and that person wanted revenge so after mickey and his father was in the crash the person that hated his father pretended to be a Paramedic. He took mickey's father and locked him in an underground room where the people for the Abonea Shelter worked which was under bat ladies house. The problem was solved when Mickey had found his father.

Quotes: 1.) " You can't have an up without a down, a right without a left, or a good without an evil." 2.) " This is the price you pay for having a great father. You get the wonder, the joy, the tender moments and you get the tears at the end to."

vocabulary words: 1.) Abeana Shelter- a shelter that saves kids from abusive parents. They take kids away from their abusive parents and hide them in a cave under bat ladies house. 2.) Rehab- A course of treatment for a drug or alcohol dependance, typically a residential facility. 3.)Grounds keeper-A person who maintains an athletic field, a park, or the grounds of a school or other institution. 4.) Coffin- something you put people in after they die. 5.) Gurney-A wheeled stretcher used for transporting hospital patients.

I would recommend the book to people who love mysteries. This book is full of mystery and sad moments but has a great ending so I recommend you read it.

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