Fitness How do middle school students perceive fitness

I chose fitness to research about because I think that it is important that middle school kids are healthy and who take care of their bodies as they grow up. people at this age need to realize having great health now can result in having a better and healthy lifestyle i the future.

I surveyed 10 students from Monroe junior high. All of my surveyors were in the 7th grade. Taken by 4 male students and 6 female students.

I wanted to ask a variety of people so that I could have a range of what people think about their fitness and their health at this age.

How much do you think you spend being active everyday? Proper health takes a lot of work. You have to eat healthy and exercise to keep your body in shape. Some give up because they think that its to hard and commit to it.

Which of these activities do you take part in? Most junior high students are in school sports and play basketball, football, baseball, volleyball and any other sport that they play. Here is what the surveyors responded to.

On a scale of 1-5 how much do you like being outside? Most of the surveyors stayed in the 3 to 5 range. I don't think that anyone doesn't like being outside. Most of them chose a 5 as their answer.

What type of exercise do you take part in? A majority of the surveyors chose running as their type of exercise. I was surprised at how many chose running as their type of exercise. I was also very surprised at how no one chose soccer as their form of exercise, it is a very popular sport.

Do you think people should be healthy and fit? All surveyors chose yes because it is very important to take care of your health and stay fit.

Do you think eating healthy is an important part of being in good health? Most all of the surveyors chose yes but one said no. You have to pay attention to what you are putting in your mouth and how much you are eating.

What is your opinion on fitness and health? Here is the responses from the surveyors.

I was very confident that these surveyors would have the same idea that I have about fitness. It's important to take care of your bodies and how careful you have to be when you sometimes get yourself into those habits of skipping a workout or not eating the right thing. You want to stay in the habit of keeping that routine of doing your exercise and watching what you eat.

I wasn't really surprised on how all of the people that I surveyed agreed that fitness and having a good health is very important to having a healthy lifestyle.

I was a little curious on how one person said that they don't think that eating healthy is an important part of eating healthy.

I would take this information to our school's gym teacher and explain how I took a survey on fitness and I would talk about what this people think about health and fitness. Fitness should be essential to life and people at our age should start to take care of their bodies and as they get older.


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