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The Nazi Party has Captured Thousands of People to Walk 65 miles With Little Food or Sleep

On April 9th, 1942 the Nazi Party has captured 75,000 American and Philippine soldiers to go on a 65 mile march then get on a train and go to Camp O'Donnell a prison camp. But get this, the Nazi Party did not control the march it was Japan soldiers that made sure no one got out of the March.

This picture is some soldiers that were in the March

The soldiers could not take a break. They had to walk under the hot sun. They had no food or water. They got little sleep. Everyone was giving up and wanted to die because they didn't want to march anymore. The people that tried to escape were shot and killed. Also if anyone started to get behind they would also be shot and killed. All of the soldiers made the prisoners salute to them every single day. 3,000 soldiers died during the march and 27,500 died at Camp O'Donnell. That means about 30,500 people died throughout the whole march. Only 54,000 people survived the march.

These people in the back are carrying the soldiers that have died so when they stop for a little break they throw the dead soldiers into a pit.

At Camp O'Donnell

Every morning the prisoners had to salute to all of the soldiers and staff members. At Camp O'Donnell there was a lack of food and water. The Japanese were abusing the prisoners by having them work on the camp to make it better. The had to put a new water pumps in and build airfields also they had to construct a hospital. 23,000 prisoners died at Camp O'Donnell.

This is Camp O´Donnell


We met with some Survivors from the march. The first survivor was a guy named Ramon Gaerlan. He is 99 years old now. Ramon escaped from the March because the soldiers had him feed some horses during the march. Then Ramon escaped when the guards wern´t watching them.

Another Survivor is a guy named Ben Skadon. He is 99 years old. He has been doing the 8 1/2 march to honer the ones who died. Ben spent the next 3 years in captivity in the Philippines or in Japanese POW camps.

The last survivor we will be talking with is a guy named Gordon. He was Captured and had to march. He got hurt a lot in the legs. After the march he ended up in Japan because the soldiers were having a recommendation to go to Japan.

These are some people that survived the Bataan Death March


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