Rosa parks The mother of the civil rights MOVEMENT

I will be doing a biography on Rosa parks.I chose Rosa Parks because she inspired me to fight for what I believe in and she made be believe that whatever I know is wrong I can or should change and help everyone and anyone I can.The Characteristics of Rosa parks are Brave,Demanding,and Determined these are just three of the character traits she has there are many more to describe Rosa parks fair is one and considerate and she is my and others hero.

There are contributes of Rosa Parks and they are 3 that I have found so far one is Rosa proved that she can and anyone can stand up to unjust law.Two she did not give up her seat for a man even though he was white.Last but not least She made a difference to black people all around the world and brought blacks and whites together now both of the races live in harmony

What makes Rosa parks famous is she fought for blacks even when people did but it did not stick but when Rosa did it people noticed ( which is odd).2 she believed just like Martin Luther king Jr. that whites and blacks are equals.3 she and I believe martin did also lead the bus segregation and from then blacks were powerful people who were not garbage they were people .

3 things that happened to Rosa parks were 1 when she walked to school kids would throw things at her and from then on she wanted blacks and whites to understand that they are equal.2 she was arrested for breaking the rules she then knew that whites are scared if black people have power.3 one night at her house the Klu Klux Klan or KKK had told her that they were going to come to her house and burn a cross on her lawn thankfully the never did come they were maybe just joking to scare her but did not let them get to her or her plan for whites and blacks to be equal.

What 3 thing I admire about her are 1 she made whites see black people as equals.2 she made it so black and white people could live in harmony.and 3 she is kinda the reason I am alive because of her blacks and whites are allowed to date get married to each other and my mom is black my dad white so I love her because she is basically the reason I am her and the reason that my mom and dad got together so this is my thank you to her so thank Rosa Parks and for you ever Rest In Peace (RIP).

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