INNOVATIVE MEDIA By Ng Wi Vern (0328291)

A self-taught designer, extroverted book lover, wannabe tumblr artist and recently, an amateur health junkie.

Assignment 1: E-portfolio

Exercise 1: Stop Motion Animation

Gunpla Play Tho

A lonely gundam finding joy in the wonders of play-dough.

Thiiban, Batrisyia and a Fern

Exercise 2: Viral Content

If You’ve Went Through Drug Addiction, These 4 Poetry Slams Will Speak To Your Soul

"Slam poetry is the answer. Poetry is an art form that speaks to the eye. Slam poetry is a vocalised feeling that speaks to your soul."

Exercise 3: Infographics

Justification of Design

Overcoming drugs can seem like an impossible task. Thus, an 8-bit game concept was used to allow rehabilitation to seem easy and comfortable just as how an arcade game would be easy and nostalgic to play. The game Mario & Luigi: Browser's Inside Story was used as Mario is always seen to be consuming mushrooms in the game to grow bigger. This associates with reality as individuals would consume Psilocybin mushroom ( aka shrooms) to allow themselves to feel bigger than they are.

Exercise 4: Mobile App


The app's name does as it says. It helps you remember stuff. However, unlike other reminder apps that requires significant amount of steps to set a reminder, Remember simplifies that process by:

1. Setting a default reminder once a picture is taken

2. Enabling location feature to help pinpoint where a picture was last taken

3. Collaborating with friends to help remind you on things that matters most to you

page
Snap to Remember
Reminder is automatically set
Check out past reminders
Details of Reminder
Locate your item/person/building
Collaborate with friends and family to Remember

Assignment 2: Video

A parody of an internationally-recognised Japanese film about a high school student acquiring the most powerful weapon on earth - A notebook that is able to kill anyone on earth just by writing the victim's full name on it. This parody takes on a uniquely and amusingly different approach to this film.

Mindmap & moodboard


Scene 1 & 2
Scene 3 & 4
Scene 5 & 6
Scene 7 & 8
Scene 9

Death Pad (A Death Note Parody)

Assignment 3: Chat Stickers

A Chinese man dressed in brightly coloured full-bodied spandex suit was the main concept for these chat stickers. ColourGuyyuu, the name of the following chat stickers takes on a fun, exaggerated and oriental approach to expressing emotions such as the happy, sad, confused, angry, sleepy and working emotions.


(1) Happy

YellowGuyyuuu receives a lovely delight when a bowl of noodles appears before him and expresses this happiness by pulling his hands closer to his face.

(2) Sad

BlueeGuyyuu has come to terms with himself that he's a disgrace to his family and falls to his knees to admit to the world that he cries every time.

(3) Angry

PinkuGuyyu is unable to contain his anger any longer and thus, healthily releases his rage by aggressively rubbing his nipples. Veins on his forehead starts appearing as he does so.

(4) Confused

OrangeeGuyyu was prepared for a day of sunbathing at the rice fields but was confused to find his favourite rice field to be missing

(5) Sleepy

PurpleGuyyuu has always been a huge fan of baked beans and has developed a way to release his gases from the beans safely as he sleeps.

(6) Working

GreenGuyyu frequently requests for a day-off from his boss as he argues that it is required for his optimum work performance. He typically starts off with a "eyy boss" before proceeding to lay out his request.


Created with images by eelke dekker - "Storyboarding"

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