Fountains of the U University of miami - Summer 2019

The history and design behind each of the iconic fountains on the campuses of the University of Miami takes a visitor down a colorful and refreshing path.

On the Coral Gables campus, nestled in the heart of the city that George Merrick envisioned as "the City Beautiful," the University artistically blends a lush and diverse landscape of tropical beauty with its architecture and design.

Edward T. Foote II, who led the University for two decades as its fourth president, declared in his inaugural address his desire to "make the University a magnificent botanical garden, and to embark on a strategic plan for greatness." It was the vision of his wife, Roberta "Bosey" Fulbright Foote, that grew the natural beauty of the University of Miami into the campus that it is today.

Bunty Cesarano Fountain

The University's Board of Trustees passed a resolution on May 18, 1999 to name the courtyard in the center of the Miami Business School complex the Patrick J. and Bunty Cesarano Plaza. Designed and built in 2000, the Bunty Cesarano Fountain is adjacent to the plaza. The iconic fountain graces guests in front of the Miami Business School.

Cox Science Plaza Fountain and Garden

The fountain and visually dynamic courtyard in front of the University of Miami's Cox Science Building provides a quiet respite, full of visual delight and a refreshing perspective.

It was added in 2013 as part of a larger, elaborate landscape design, in tune with the architecture of the building that includes carefully crafted stones, lush foliage, and an adjoining circular sculpture garden.

Cox Science Plaza Fountain
The entire space was transformed in 2008 to add elevation and meeting areas for students. The fountain was added in 2013 and then enhanced and refurbished with vibrant blue tiles in early 2019. The architecture is aligned with the original 1967 design of the Cox Science Building, capturing a classic MiMo style.

McLamore Fountain

In 1995 the University dedicated the newly renovated plaza surrounding the fountain in the center of the Memorial Drive Circle as the James W. McLamore Plaza.

McLamore Fountain

This central plaza and iconic fountain is one of the most recognizable symbols of the University of Miami.

It was dedicated to McLamore in honor of his distinguished service as a trustee and supporter of the University of Miami.

Cobb Fountain

The water spray swirls in the breeze on a summer day near Lake Osceola. The fountain, installed in 1990 and dedicated by the Charles Cobb family, provides essential circulation for the lake. The aqua ecosystem, connected to the canals of Coral Gables and leading to Biscayne Bay, requires aeration to discourage overgrowth of algae. The fountain brings an abundance of wildlife of fauna to the Lake, with large fish and colorful shorebirds frequenting the chiseled limestone perimeter.

Dedicated in 1990 and named for the former UM Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Charles E. Cobb, Jr.

Looking west over Lake Osceola, the iconic Cobb Fountain sets the stage for the Donna Shalala Student Center.

The George Feldenkreis Foundation Fountain Plaza is located at the School of Education and Human Development, near the Solomon G. Merrick Building and the Miller Center for Judaic Studies.

George Feldenkreis Foundation Fountain

Miami Law School

The cornerstone of the Miami Law School Courtyard is the whimsical, limestone fountain dedicated in 1999 to James H. Booty Nance, JD '56.

The ambiance of the serene study space is set by the cascading water, lush foliage lining the inner terrace of the buildings, and plenty of orange umbrellas for shade.

Robert and Judi Prokop Newman Alumni Center Fountains

The entry courtyard of the Newman Alumni Center welcomes alumni and friends with a linear waterfall, donated by Christian Hasenoehrl, M.S. '95, M.B.A. '95 and the Hasenoehrl Family. The fountain was officially dedicated at the opening of the building in 2012. The basin is limestone, with a black rock base and steel water spout.

Hasenoehrl Family Fountain at the Newman Alumni Center

The Goldberg Fountain

The family of Barron S. Goldberg, B.B.A. '56, JD '57 donated this limestone fountain, dedicated at the opening of the Newman Alumni Center.

Helen Speier Fountain

Tucked in the Sally Hopkins Woodruff Courtyard at the Ring Theater, the whimsical lion's head sculpture fountain graces guests on campus for performances.

Havenick-Amdur Family Champions Plaza and Fountain

Located at the entrance to the Theodore G. Schwartz & Todd G. Schwartz Center for Athletic Excellence, the fountain and water garden plaza is dedicated to the Hecht, Havenick, and Amdur families.

Havenick-Amdur Family Champions Plaza and Fountain

Physics Fountain

Brote [Sprout], ca. 1960 Physics Quadrangle, Gautier Plaza

Artist: Olivier Sequin, Mexico (born France), b 1927

Located near the College of Engineering in the Gautier Plaza, the sculpture is designed to represent "renewal and growth," and is surrounded by ground level water spouts.

Terry and Cynthia Taylor Water Garden

The architecture of the Lennar Foundation Medical Center includes a horizontal fountain across the facade. Mirrored in the reflected glass, the flow is serene and welcoming for patients at the center.

The Lois Pope Fountain

Situated in the courtyard of the University of Miami Health complex and the Miller School of Medicine, the Lois Pope Fountain is dedicated to Christopher Reeve.

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