Agricultural Engineering By Parker Ruffin

Agricultural Engineering

This is engineering that deals with the design of farm machinery, the location and planning of farm structures, farm drainage, soil management and erosion control, water supply and irrigation, rural electrification, and the processing of farm products

Job I Chose

The job I chose was to be a Chief Engineering Executive for John Deere at the headquarters in Moline, Illinois. I would be over looking the construction of new and old machinery, the efficiency of the machinery, and the economic factor in the construction.

A salary for a Chief Engineering Executive can range from $165,000 to $300,000 a year. The median for this job is around $219,000 a year.

Required Classes

  • ABE 1863 - Engineering Tech in Agriculture- A three hour lecture course emphasizing the use of certain fundamentals for solving problems related to soil and water management, electrical power and control, agricultural machinery, and environmental control
  • ABE 3513 - The Global Positional System and Geographic Information Systems in Agriculture and Engineering- Basic theory and hands-on application of global positioning system technology/hardware, and geographic information systems software, for precise positioning for agriculture and engineering
  • ABE 4263 - Soil and Water Management- Introduction to soil and water management principles such as hydrology, the basics of erosion control, surface and subsurface drainage, and water control for irrigation
  • AEC 3133 - Intro Agricultural Business Management- Course is to help students learn analytical tools for thinking and solving the overall business environment in agriculture and to help the understanding of this market
  • BL 2413 - Legal Environment of Business- Course is teach about the government toward business, current trends of public control in taxation, and regulation of commerce and competition

Non Required Classes

  • AEC 2713 - Introduction to Food and Resource Economics- Course is designed to help students with fundamental economic and management principles to help in food and environmental resource policies
  • MGT 3513 - Introduction to Human Resources Management- Course is designed to provide students with a foundation in human resource functions and procedures such as recruitment, selection, training, performance appraisal, and compensation
  • AEC 3233 - Introduction to Environmental Economics and Policy- Course examines how economic forces, in concert with other processes, influence environmental quality through private markets and public policy
  • MGT 3323 - Entrepreneurship- An introduction class in the processes involved in owning and managing a business. Includes the entrepreneurial activities normally associated with starting and operating a business
  • These classes will help me with the business side of Chief Engineering Executive for John Deere. I will be able to know how to run and manage a business and I will be able to work with people and understand human and food resources.

Universities with Agricultural Engineering

  • Mississippi State University
  • Iowa State University
  • Purdue University
  • University of Florida

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