Reflecting on Grace Bay Beach: A Photo Journey of the Caribbean's Top-Ranked Beach Destination

It's killing us to know that Turks and Caicos is counting down the days until it reopens and we won't be among the first wave of travelers to touch down on this incredible slice of paradise.

To get by, we've put together this photo journey of its most famous stretch of sand - Grace Bay Beach.

Remembering our walks along its shores - staring in disbelief at how incredibly blue and clear its waters are; sinking our toes into its soft, white sand; and taking in the smell of its fresh, salty air - gives us some fleeting moments of pure, beach bliss.

Wanna come along as we look back on what Trip Advisor and World Travel Awards named as the best beach in the Caribbean?

Let's go!

Grace Bay has some of the most dazzling blue waters we've ever seen. Words don't do them justice. Check out our pictures and see for yourself.

Its waters are pleasantly warm and calm. Protection from an offshore barrier reef keeps rough waves of the Atlantic Ocean at bay and makes this a beach that's easy to wade into pretty much whenever the mood strikes.

Three miles of powder-soft, white sand are literally at your feet thanks to limestone and seashell erosion. For anyone who lives to take long walks on the beach or just likes to reposition at different vantage points along the way, there's plenty of room to do so on Grace Bay Beach and your feet would love you.

Grace Bay is so expansive, three different beach areas actually encompass it - the Bight Beach on the west, Grace Bay Beach in the center and and Leeward Beach on the east.

This is a glimpse of Leeward Beach. It. Is. Heavenly.

With all that space, we think social distancing just might work.

Trek Tips for Responsible Travel to Turks and Caicos

A note to travelers: Given the current state of affairs, we are by no means encouraging anyone to rush out and book travel. As a matter of fact, we support and encourage all those who think now is a good time to wait (bet you never thought you'd hear us say that). This is especially true if you have underlying medical conditions that place you at risk or live with someone who does but also if airline safety concerns you or if you can't commit to full compliance with safety protocols while traveling or once you reach your destination.

If you choose to travel, please do so responsibly. Get tested for COVID, accurately report symptoms if they develop, reschedule your travel plans if your health becomes compromised and fully comply with all safety protocols on your island destination. Your safety, and that of anyone with whom you come into contact (including the Caribbeans who will welcome you with open arms), is depending on it.

1. Before booking travel, check the hotel's cancel/reschedule policy. Most now waive cancellation fees and allow hassle-free rescheduling if needed.

2. Select airlines that promote social distancing by spacing out seating and require masks.

3. Plan ahead for COVID-19 testing and medical insurance. Travelers will need to upload health information including documentation of negative COVID-19 test result ( dated 5 days prior to travel) as well as medical insurance that covers possible COVID-related scenarios into the TCI Assured online portal. This will generate the pre-travel authorization that unlocks the doorway to visiting TCI - seriously, you won't even be able to get on the plane to TCI without it.

Trek tip: Some resorts, such as Grace Bay Resort, offer medical insurance exclusively to hotel guests. Check hotel websites

4. Pack your carry-on bag with:

  • original plus a copy of COVID-19 paperwork confirming you've recently tested negative
  • TCI Assured Travel authorization (print two copies just in case)
  • face masks
  • hand sanitizer
  • disinfecting wipes
  • pens (because now is not the time to be sharing pens)
  • snacks (because most airlines have done away with these for now)

5. As your trip approaches, check the Turks and Caicos Tourist Board website often for any updates that may impact your travel.

6. When in doubt, ask questions. The Ministry of Health can be contacted for any COVID-related questions at covid19@gov.tc

7. Expect COVID-19 protocols to be in place at your accommodations. Please follow them. Staff have received training and certified hotels/resorts bear a sticker.

  • Check-ins will often be virtual
  • Many hotels, like Grace Bay Resort, will check guest temperatures upon arrival.
  • Symptomatic guests will be instructed to quarantine in their rooms until cleared by a medical doctor or completing the appropriate time in quarantine.
  • Masks will be mandated in all public spaces. Please, comply and be sure to wear them correctly - snugly covering your nose, mouth and chin. It will be hot, but it will be safe.
  • Restaurants will be open for dine-in but will be spacing tables, offering disposable or laminated menus, and providing disposable utensils if necessary. Check for the TCI Assured symbol to ensure compliance.
  • Beach safety will include social distancing both on the sand and in the water. Wet masks are hard to breath in so protection in the water will rely more heavily on social distancing.

Were these tips helpful? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Stay safe and keep Caribbean Dreaming!

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