My Goals Darius Rivera

In one year I would like a puppy that I would train and take care of.

It would have a white and black coat and ice blue eyes. It grow old and die and I would get another.

In one year I would also like to have car. Preferably a 1969 Shelby Mustang GT500

Another one year goal of mine is to get in contact with the recruiters and learn more of the jobs there are in the Marine Corp./ Navy

Next year I would like to join the Thunderbird football team.

In three years I would like to be Enlisted in the Navy or Marine Corp.

In three years I would wanted to be completed with boot camp.

In the next three years I would want to be able to shoot a military grade 50 Cal

In the service, three years from now I would love to have my Humvee license and drive my first one.

In five years I would like to reenlist in the service.

In five years I would also like to go to Las Vegas for my first time in forever.

Another five year goal would to go to New York City and go to the Twin Tower Memorial.

In the next five years I would also like to go Los Angeles.

In ten years I would have liked to travel all over the world on an Aircraft Carrier with the Navy.

In ten years I want to go to Sydney, Australia.

In ten years I also want to go to Okinawa, Japan.

Also I want to go to Tokyo in ten years.


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