Utopia Macaria Maddie Wells

Macaria Seal

Motto: Look to the brightside of everything

winter area of the community

Mission Statement: stay happy with your family doing all of your seasoned activities all throughout the year.

spring area of the community

community rules: 1- Wake up at 9:00 am every morning 2-room has to be clean to do your activities 3- eat healthy with one sweet everyday 4-stay out until 9:00 pm every night 5-be nice to everyone else in community 6-always have fun 7- always have a phone on you 8-can't drive until you are 15 9-live with your parents until you are 17 10- work or go to school until 12:00 pm everyday then do your activities

Our fall area of the community

Location: we are located in the state of Utah. There is a blockade around the state

Daily schedule: - wake up -go to school or work -go home and have lunch -go to your activities -come home- eat dinner -go to bed

summer area of the community

Government: Democratic Republic

You should join the community. We have all the seasons at one time all year. We don't have super strict rules, and everything is family friendly

Membership: you have to have been an American citizen for at least 8 years

to become a member apply to our website

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