South African Apartheid Timeline Robin McDonald

The San and Khoikhoi are two of South Africa's native tribes. The San were hunters while the Khoikhoi were pastoral herders. The Khoikhoi were the first to come in contact with the Dutch who gave them the name Bushmen. Today they are known as the Khoisan and are still domestic herders.

The Union of South Africa is the predecessor to the Republic of South Africa. It was established on May 31, 1910 out of four British colonies; Cape Colony, Natal Colony, Transvaal Colony, and Orange River Colony. It also included the Boer Republics, the South African Republic, and the Orange Free State.

1910 South African flag

This organization was initially founded as the South African Native National Congress in 1912. They wanted equal rights for black South Africans. They changed their name to the African National Congress or the ANC in 1923.

African national congress

In 1948 the Afrikaner National Party or the ANP won the general election and adopted apartheid which literally means separateness. Blacks were forced to wear tags identifying them as black, they couldn't vote, and they forced to live in slums.

Nelson Mandela graduated law school in South Africa and opened the first black law practice, helping blacks get free legal guidance. He soon began to get involved with the ANC and the fight against apartheid. He organized many peaceful protests and was an amazing advocate for black rights.

In 1962, Mandela was arrested on treason charges. He was sentenced to life in prison on Robben Island.

He was freed from jail by the president of South Africa at the time, F. W. De Clerk after a historic speech. As soon as he was released he was nominated by the ANC for president and won the general election in 1994.


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